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Does Assignmentia.com guarantees a high-quality paper on-time? What kind of research writing standards do you follow?

Assignmentia.com grantees that through our papers a student can write a pass worthy assignment, a teacher can check a viable sample answers, and a learner can gather a great deal of knowledge. We have stored our privacy regarding our guarantee in our Privacy PolicyBack to the list of questions.

What payment method does Assignmentia.com offer?

Currently, we support PayPal only. Back to the list of questions.

What if I want to pay after I receiving the paper?

There is no option available in our system that you can download any paper without proceeding to our payment option. And, there is no certainty that you’ll pay after the download. So all payments must be covered in full before your download begins. Back to the list of questions.

Is there any installment facility?

Our product price is very much affordable than any other companies.. Sometimes, you can download complete paper of 15 pages by the price you pay one page to other companies. So, there is no need to buy on installment. Back to the list of questions.

What kind of service you provide?

Assignmentia.com provides pre-written academic papers specializing in almost all fields from Business to Computer Science & Engineering. You should not worry about the quality because these papers are capable of best marks. We provide you our support so that you may take preparation in writing your paper. Back to the list of questions.

What does a Writer do?

We have over 200 full time and part time writers, who work actively as freelancers at Assignmentia.com. There is no doubt, that our writers are the experts in all possible professions and fields of academic research. Moreover, our writers are at least Graduated from the renowned universities. Most of them are writing as professional no less than 3 years. Back to the list of questions.

What is the educational background of your consultants and writers?

We have both writers and consultants. Our writers work on a daily basis, where our consultants work on request. All the consultants are involved in institutional level. So, they are highly experienced. Both the writers and consultants have access to different libraries so that they can understand what exactly our students want. Back to the list of questions.

How can I contact you?

We maintain a number of contact forms. We have several departments as well. Our Administration or support team can be reached by phone, by e-mail, by fax, through live chat, by means of contact form and on the instant messaging board. You may be connected to us through the live chat option in our page. Back to the list of questions.

How you offer such an affordable price?

We have years of experienced, as we stared our journey in 2012. We have thousands of data collection. So, we came up with a new idea offering students with pre-written papers. We did a short survey on this purpose. We found out that many students don’t want to buy new assignments, Rather, they want assistance and support so that they may write their paper by themselves. Assignmentia.com is for these students with already written sample answes. Back to the list of questions.

What if I don’t like the paper you’ve written for me?

We offer our Customers free endless support. So, if you don’t like our paper, just let us know, we will send you another copy of the same assignment. You can do that within 14 days of your purchase. Back to the list of questions.

If I am not satisfied with my research paper or essay even after several revisions, can I get my money back?

Yes, you can. Assignmentias.com gives a Money-Back Guarantee which is actually rarely offered by other companies. If you are not satisfied with our writing services provided and can explain your dissatisfaction, you can get your money back. Back to the list of questions.

Can I communicate with the writer who has written my paper?

Yes, you can communicate with the writer. Just discuss the matter with the customer representative in the Live Chat box and he/she will connect you with the writer within a shortest period of time.  Back to the list of questions.

Can I exchange contact information like e-mail or Skype with my consultant?

Unfortunately, this is against our privacy and policy. Be sure, such information will be deleted by administrators when it is detected. Back to the list of questions.

Will anybody know that I have taken your service?

No, we don’t practice any action like this. We guarantee that your information will be kept secure and never be disclosed. We have the strongest software protecting our Customers and, obviously, we are not interested in any leak of information ourselves. You can find out more about it at our privacy policy page. Back to the list of questions.

How may I join Assignmentia.com team?

Assignmentia.com. You need to acquire at least a Maters degree and you have to be a native English speaker. If you are a non-native English speaker, you also can join. But, you need to show your capability in that case. If we think you are capable, we appreciate skilled writers. Back to the list of questions.

What is the minimum quality level that I can expect?

We guarantee you that you will get complete support and error free answers from our sample paper. If you write your paper accordingly, we guarantee minimum 2:1 UK standard or G.P.A. 3.0+ US Standard. However, it does not mean that it is our limit. Our consultant may also help you in getting even higher marks. Back to the list of questions.

Tell me about the plagiarism issues you maintain?

We only provide anti-plagiarism support, if you come to us through our consultant. Otherwise, our paper got 60%-100% plagiarism. Back to the list of questions.

How may I get a discount?

We only offer discounts for our first-time and returning Customers, and also for the big orders. You may also talk to our customer representative on this. If any suitable discount is available for you, they will provide. Back to the list of questions.

What are your working hours?

We ensure you that you will get 24/7 support from us. Our support center is always ready to listen to you and provide you our support. We have clients from all over the world. So, in maintaining a hassle free communication, our representatives are ready to listen from you in the chat box.