To investigate the impact of Employee Motivation on Customer Satisfaction: A case study of Tesco Corporation

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1       Rational of the Study

1.2       Research Aim

1.3       Research Objective

1.4       Research question

1.5       Research Hypothesis

2       The Literature Review

2.1       Employee Motivation

2.2       Types of Motivation

2.3       Customer Satisfaction

2.4       Retail industry and Customer Satisfaction

2.5       Employee Motivation and Customer Satisfaction

2.6       Conceptual Framework

3       Research Design and Methodology

3.1       Type of Investigation

3.2       Data collection method

3.3       Sampling Method

3.4       Accessibility issue

3.5       Ethical Issue

3.6       Data Analysis Plan

3.7       Research Limitation

4       Timetable

5       References

6       Appendix

6.1       Dissertation Structure



Business world is getting competitive day by day as productivity and innovations are becoming key to organizational success. Consumer market is highly saturated due to presence of ever growing rival companies. Therefore, most business organizations are focusing on achieving efficiency and retaining customers. Motivated employees are commonly regarded as pre-requisite for organizational efficiency whereas, customer satisfaction and retention is the outcome of better services and quality products. How employee motivation is impacting on customer satisfaction in organizations like Tesco will be studied in this research.

Tesco Plc. is a multinational retail supermarket company based in UK. It primarily deals with groceries, food items, electronics products, financial services, internet service, energy and communication services etc. It was established in 1919 and headquartered in Hertforshire. Its founder Jack Cohen established it as group of stalls and after around a century, it has become the largest retail chain market of UK and second largest (only after Walmart) in the world. Tesco has 6784 stores across the world. It has expanded its business in 12 countries and trying to infiltrate new markets (Tracy, 2013). More than 500 thousands employees are working in it and providing services to its customers.