To assess the impact of sales promotions on company sales performance: A case study of Shop Direct Group- Goodsouls

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This research is the examination of having the influence of the promotion of sales those can have consequences on the efficiency or the accomplishment which is organisational for all of those companies belong in the digital trade commerce all over the UK. This research will concentrate on the way of campaign that generate the how to have more sales, amplified prosperity and reinforce the overall performance of sales by amplifying overall share in the market for any specific company within the country. This study endows with the focal point in the tools which are promotional that in which way Shop Direct Group are approving the promotion of sales to expand their performance in the market overall. As a mix marketing promotion of sales acting a very important part along with the selling which is personal, promotion and also relation with public are the intention of this study. This study engenders the new belongings by reducing and filling the distance of the research that is active and made by the researchers and the management of a company in the comparable pasture on a starting place of the assortment of the promotion of sales. It operates like a starting place of the reference to the workings of researcher on the comparable pasture. This is expressive research moving parts that are premeditated to explain the promotion of sales in conditions of the performance which is organisational. The model extent that used in this kind of specific study is of Shop Direct Group with fifty respondents who are the customers of this company. A few opinion polls have been surrounding to bring the data together as a source which is primary that would be handled for finding data and investigation of the subdivision for the learning. The learning would use some purposive example methods in the assortment of the consumer who are influential in mind. The consequence of the total learning causes the taken as a whole image in the industry of garments in which GoodSoulss is a trade name of the cloth’s and fashion of men that used to look into the companies to available the use of promotion of sales. The learning converse the influence of the schemes which is promotional and the actions named CRM is to perk up and boost up the revenue of sales of the company. The learning would use the approaches which are qualitative and quantitative by proposing an opinion poll established on the features conversed in the section of introduction of this assignment. The information would be bring together by the use of email and by asking for the customary who are the consumers of Shop Direct Group to get hold of the taken as a whole thought of the consumers at what time any manufactured goods like GoodSoulss are on the promotion of sale. Fifty examples are being processed and used via Data of Excel and Spread Sheet for the intention of analysing of data.





















Table of Contents





1       Introduction

1.1        Introduction:

1.2        Research Rationale

1.3        Research Aim, Objective and Question

1.3.1        Research Aim

1.3.2        Research Objectives

1.3.3        Research Questions

2       Literature Review

2.1        Theoretical Review

2.1.1        Sales Promotion Theory

2.1.2        Pull Theory

2.1.3        Push Theory

2.1.4        Combination Theory

2.2        Conceptual framework

2.3        Sales Promotion Tools

2.3.1        Free samples:

2.3.2        Reward offer or points:

2.3.3        Trade plans:

2.3.4        Price-off offer:

2.3.5        Cash Back offer and Scratch & win offer:

2.4        Sales Promotion Strategies Push strategy:

2.4.1        Push strategy

2.4.2        Pull strategy:

2.4.3        Mix strategy:

2.4.4        Factors influencing sales promotion

2.5        Critique of the existing literature

2.6        Summary

3       Research Design and Methodology

3.1        Research Design

3.1.1        Research Paradigm/ philosophy

3.1.2        Research Approach

3.1.3        Research Purpose

3.1.4        Research Strategy

3.2        Sample Selection

3.3        Data Collection

3.3.1        Primary data:

3.3.2        Secondary Data:

3.3.3        Questionnaires

3.4        Data Analysis

3.5        Ethical Considerations

3.5.1        Informed consent

3.5.2        Voluntary participation

3.5.3        Do no harm

3.5.4        Confidentiality

3.5.5        Anonymity

4       Analysis and Findings

4.1        Demographic Information of the Clients:

4.1.1        Male & Female response rate

4.2        Result of the Findings

4.3        Discussion of Result and Findings (Questionnaires)

4.4        Discussion

5       Conclusion and Recommendations:

5.1        Conclusion:

5.2        Recommendations: