The impact of social media marketing on customer attraction: A case study of Marriot Hotels, UK.

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Social media marketing has become an important source of customer’s attraction in present day’s business. Most of the business organizations are now giving advertisement in the social media for the attraction of the people to their brand. The social media marketing is also a great source of brand awareness of different organizations. The Hotel Marriott is a famous hotel in UK. It is also trying to attract the customer by the social media marketing. The present marketing strategies of Marriott Hotel is not satisfactory, so it should improve the customer attraction strategies. So, the Hotel Marriott can take help from this research. The primary and secondary data has been used in this research. During the collection of data the researcher has to face some difficulties. The sample size is 60. However, the researcher has also some limitations. However, at the last some recommendations are also provided for Marriott Hotel, UK for the improvement of the customers attraction strategies.



















Table of Contents

Supervisor’s Declaration

Student’s Declaration


1        Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1       Introduction and Background

1.2       Rationale for the study

1.3       Research Objectives

1.4       Research Questions

1.5       Conclusion

2        Chapter – Two Literature Review

2.1       Social Media

2.2       Social Media Marketing

2.3       Customer Attraction

2.4       Social Media as a Tool of Marketing

2.5       Impact of Social Media on Customer Attraction

2.6       Social Media Acts in Branding the Company

2.7       Conceptual Framework

2.8       Obstacles in gaining the benefit

2.9       Conclusion

3        Chapter 3: Research Methodology

3.1       Introduction:

3.2       Type of Investigation

3.3       Data Collection Method

3.4       Sampling Method

3.5       Research Philosophy

3.5.1        Justification of Research Philosophy

3.6       Research Approach

3.6.1        Justification of Research Approach

3.7       Research Strategy

3.7.1        Justification of Research Strategy

3.8       Data Collection Techniques

3.8.1        Justification of Secondary Data Collection:

3.8.2        Justification of Questionnaire Data Collection

3.9       Accessibility Issues

3.10         Ethical Issues

3.11         Research Limitations

3.12         Data Analysing Technique

3.13         Conclusion:

4        Chapter four: Analysis and result findings

4.1       Introduction

4.2       Online questionnaires

4.3       Dept. management interview

4.4       Regression analysis

4.5       Key research findings

4.6       Conclusion

5        Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1       Concluding remarks

5.2       Achievement of objectives

5.3       Recommendations

5.4       Limitations

5.5       Further research issue


Appendix 1

Appendix 2



List of Figures


Figure 1: Conceptual framework, Source: Made by the Author, (2015). 16

Figure 2: Gender of the respondents, Source, Online questionnaires (2015). 27

Figure 3: Age of the Respondents, Source, Online questionnaires (2015). 28

Figure 4: Educational status of the respondents, Source online questionnaires, (2015) 29

Figure 5: Relation between social media and customer attraction, source: online questionnaires, (2015). 30

Figure 6: Social media can play a vital role in customer attraction, source: Online questionnaires, (2015). 32

Figure 7: Marriot Hotel’s current customer attraction strategies are satisfactory, source: online questionnaires, (2015) 33

Figure 8: Marriot Hotel needs to increase its marketing activities, source: online questionnaires, (2015) 34

Figure 9: Required advertising, source: online questionnaires, (2015) 35

Figure 10: Marriot Hotels should use different social media for advertisement, source: online questionnaires, (2015) 37

Figure 11: Changing current methods, source: online questionnaires, (2015). 38

Figure 12: Importance on other factors, source: online questionnaires, (2015). 39


List of tables


Table 2: Gender of the respondents. 26

Table 3: Age of the respondents. 27

Table 4: Educational status of the respondents. 29

Table 5: There is a relation between social media and customer attraction. 30

Table 6: Social media can play a vital role in customer attraction. 31

Table 7: Marriot Hotel’s current customer attraction strategies are satisfactory. 32

Table 8: Marriot Hotel needs to increase its marketing activities. 33

Table 9: Marriot Hotel needs no marketing through Social Media. 35

Table 10: Marriot Hotels should use different social media for advertisement 36

Table 11: Marriot hotel should change its present customer attraction strategy. 37

Table 12: Marriot Hotel should put more importance on other factors. 39

Table 13: Coefficients. 42

Table 14: ANOVA.. 44