The impact of social media marketing on customer attraction: A case study of Marriot Hotels, UK

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1       Significance of This Study

1.2       Research Aims

1.3       Research Objectives

1.4       Research Questions

2       Literature Review

2.1       Social Media

2.2       Social Media Marketing

2.3       Customer Attraction

2.4       Social Media as a Tool of Marketing

2.5       Using Social Media to Increase Brand Equity

2.6       Impact of Social Media on Customer Attraction

2.7       Some Clear Benefits

2.8       Conceptual Framework

3       Research Methodology

3.1       Type of Investigation

3.2       Data Collection Method

3.3       Sampling Method

3.4       Accessibility Issues

3.5       Ethical Issues

3.6       Data Analysis Plan

3.7       Research Limitations

4       Timetable

5       References



With the demand of the age, marketing tools & their media are changing continuously. E-commerce is the trend nowadays. People are now more digitalized. They prefer communicating online to offline as it saves time & efforts. Different online web sites & electronic networks, known as social media, have emerged as the weapon to reach customers.

Therefore, hospitality industry, like other industries, is now making them available on the social media to reach customers easily. Similarly, customers come to know about the services provided by the hotels & other hospitality companies through social media the most. It enables them to know more & get response from the companies (Tuten, and Solomon, 2013). Thus, more & more customers approach the companies at their own will. This is what The researcher call customer attraction.  Marriott Hotel, one of the leading hospitality venture in UK relies on social media a lot. It helps them provide proper information & solution to the customers. & thus, it helps create & increase customer attraction towards Marriott.