Research proposal on “To Assess the Importance of Leadership & Its Impact on an Organization’s Overall Competitive Advantage: A case Study on British Petroleum, UK

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Rationale for this study

1.2 Research aim

1.3 Research objectives

1.4 Research questions

2 Literary reviews

2.1 Leadership

2.2 Importance of leadership in organization

2.3 Leadership in British Petroleum

2.4 The leadership challenge in BP

2.5 Competitive advantages

2.6 Competitive advantages created by leadership

2.7 Conceptual framework

3 Research methodologies

3.1 Type of investigation

3.2 Data collection methods

3.3 Sampling method

3.4 Accessibility issues

3.5 Ethical issues

3.6 Data analysis plan

Research limitations

3.7 Anticipated findings

5 Conclusion

6 Reference


1 Introduction

Leaders are like Captain of a ship. They set goals and steer the organization to reach the predetermined destination. Leaders are drivers who check if there is adequate fuel, check the pace and drive the car in right way. To achieve the goal of an organization and to be at the top an organization needs to outperform its competitors. Competitive advantages are attributes that help an organization to perform better than its rival. Leadership shape and develop a competitive advantage for an organization (Giuliani and Kurson, 2006). So the impact of leadership on the overall competitive advantage cannot be overemphasized. Here the case of British Petroleum which is world’s sixth largest oil and Gas Company is presented to assess leadership and its impact. The importance of leadership in BP and its impact on overall competitive advantage is studied in this assignment.