Harvard, 2000 Words

Table of Contents


Task 1:  Case Study Analysis

Identifying problems in the case study

Reasons behind the described conflict

How the problems could have been avoided

Dealing with the situation as a manager

Task 2:  Social Event Employee Behaviour Policy

Task 3: Servant Leadership





This paper includes professional skill portfolio which will mainly focus on specific individual’s behavior in an organization and important management issues regarding their behavior. The main purpose of this paper is to identify and develop specific managerial skills to handle such types of behavior in the workplace. The manager should have special skill on this issues as they can pose threat on the performance of the organization.

Task 1:  Case Study Analysis

Identifying problems in the case study

The main problem in this case is that an accounting software company is facing problems among its employees. Three of its best employees Sophia, Emma, & Liam are creating internal conflict in the firm and affecting the operational performance of the company.

The first problem is that Sophia and Emma are continuously engaged in office politics and sales competition have become a personal conflict. In order to become the top sales executive, both of them are using unfair means and pursuing each other’s target customers. Because of their conflict, employees are grouping against each other and showing lack of professional activities in the workplace. Their unethical and unprofessional conducts have negative impact on the image and performance of the firm.

The second problem is that another best sales executive Liam’s performance is falling day by day. It is found that Liam has become withdrawn and unwell in the recent times. His performance is also dropped by 30%. Due to his personal problems he has lost his attention and motivation in his work.