Professional Skills Portfolio

Harvard, 4000 Words

When discussing the types of roles you would like to apply for, it is useful to consider how these might fit in with your long-term vision. Imagine yourself travelling approximately 5 or 10 years into the future. This activity is not about laying down a rigid plan but to help you gain a sense of the type of life you want, so you can make the right kinds of choices to achieve it (300-400 words).


Activity: The Long-term vision
Five/ten years from now, I see myself…
Aspect Write your own vision of this aspect below On a scale of 1-10 how important is it to you?
I consider the most important things in my life to be… My family and building up my carrier within Transport for London as an event manager.





Living in which part of the world and in what kind of place? Living in London and in my own house.




Working for myself? Working for a large company? Working for a small company?


I will be working with Transport for London 8
Doing what kind of work? Routine? Challenging?

In an office? In the field?


Working with the events planning team within Bus Operations, working in a challenging and sometimes high pressured but rewarding environment.  


With what kind of work/life balance (consider hours of work/stress levels)?


The work life will be challenging and will involve an element of unsocial hours of working 8
Taking a lead? Taking responsibility? Working individually? Part of a team?


Working within a team of Bus operations to keep London moving during events in London. 8
Working with colleagues who are… artistic? intellectual? practical? caring? competitive? Engaging   with stakeholders, Local authorities and writing operational documentation and overseeing events as and when the arrive.




I enjoy spending my time outside work doing… Travelling and reading.




Other important aspects of my vision of the future are…


I also in future want to have my own events coordinating consultancy business.