Managing Self & Others

Harvard, 3000 Words

Executive Summary


This assignment is based on managing self and others which is mainly shown by using personal development plan. To make a personal development plan first personal profile and current position should be understood properly. Then ultimate goal of career is needed to decide because the goal helps to understand which skills is currently possessed by the person and which is going to be needed in the future to achieve the goal. Then actions should be taken to achieve those required skills. For these reasons firstly a skill audit is made here to know about the skills that a person need to achieve a particular goal. And then SWOT analysis is done to understand the strength and weakness of that person. After that a career strategy is made based on that career development plan. After that these plan is shown in weekly diaries.


Table of Contents

1       Introduction

2       Personal Profile & Current Position

3       Initial PDP including a SWOT and skills audit

3.1       Personal Development Plan

3.2       Skills Audit

3.2.1        SWOT

3.3       Personal Development plan Strategy

4       Weekly diaries

5       Reflective statement on management development activities

6       Conclusion




1        Introduction

This assignment is about managing self and others by developing personal development plan based on strength and weakness about the person developing the plan and skills audit which is made by the skills a person’s possess (Adair and Allen, 2003). Here I will develop a personal development plan based on my career goals. To develop an effective personal or career development plan identification of strength and weakness is must. And then a skills audit based on the present and required skills must have to make to identify the required skills. But before that skills assessment, I have to determine my goals and objectives and availability of the ways and resources to achieve those goals and objectives within the time frame. Personal development plan is a way of making plan based on all these components. Here I have to first identify my career goals, make strategy to achieve those goals based on my skills and knowledge and decide what type of skills and knowledge needed to acquire for achieving those goals. Then make action plan about how to acquire the required skills to achieve those goals identified in the first place (Bristow et al., 1998). Lastly show these action plan on a diary weekly basis so that progress about the development plan can be understood by watching those diaries every week.

2        Personal Profile & Current Position

Personal profile is a short and positive assertion about some one’s personal attributes. This assertion depends on the post the person is applying for and proficiencies and knowledge that persons have. Personal profile disclose a person’s characteristics, qualities and experience to the reader. It is the way to tell the employer about a person’s potentiality and things he or she can do for the employer (Brown and Lent, 2005). All information provided in the personal profile should not be falsified and should be demonstrated positively and confidently. My personal profile as an accountant manager is given below

Let’s take an example


Now I work as a senior account manager in an Advertising Agency. Usually my work is taking initiatives in launching any new products and create brand profile by making marketing plan. And then launch product by using my network in the media industry. I have started my career as a junior account manager in this agency five years ago. And after 3 years I got my promotion in the post of senior account manager. I am quite ambitious about his life and career. I want to start my own advertising agency but with my current qualification, experience and network, I cannot start it. I need to achieve more experience in this industry and build stronger network which will help me to reach my goal later. For now I wants to accumulate experience as a marketing and public relation manager, so that I can understand the market and the customer base more efficiently. Because these expertise will help me to start my own agency. When I started my career as a junior account manager my ultimate goal was become a senior account manager. But now with time, my vision and goals are changed like every other person. And that is the reason why personal development plan and weekly diaries are needed to be prepared to accommodate these changes with my skills and goals.