Impact of reward system in employee performance of the airline industry, UK: A case study on British Airway

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Rationale of this study:

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Reward management:

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British Airways is the largest airlines industry in the whole UK. They normally fly to 148 destinations in their suitable time schedule. London Heathrow Airport is the main airport of British Airways, which is one of the best premier airport in the world. It is in large geographical area of business. It also provides some other facility such as; operateair cargo business world widely. By creating economic value, BA airline network faced the demand for business travel besides offering some trade and investment and they earned about £9 billion.  Which is 2.7% higher than the last year.

The company wants to make better employees satisfaction through reward and better service to the customers. The research issue identifies that reward management impacts on employee high performance as well as customers satisfactions. This means how maximising customer service through employee performance. BA realises that to get effective and continuous performance from employees, they must be satisfied. That’s why company takes many incentive rewards and bonuses.

Rationale of this study:

David (2005) stated that reward system is one of the vital elements for developing or improving employee performance. Though verity of reward system, adopted by the company, employee involvement is resulting in higher profit. It has become a curtail part for management issue. In case of British Airway, the reward system is playing a significant role by motivating thousands of their employees. The best motivation for an employee is a good reward system. The activeness becomes very optimal for the company. The major need for a customer is good service and quality product. An employee may offer a good service if s/he is motivated by a good reward system. This reward system should be updated after a period because a continual reward system may become bore for the employees. Warner (2011) argues that If the reward process is not systematic then employee performance will be down sloping. As British Airways have thousands of employee, they have to give a good emphasis on the reward system. If British Airways underestimate this issue, they will face an acclivous cash flow in their balance sheet. On the other hand, Brand equity, Brand image and also customer satisfaction may be effected.

Research aims:

We are working on the impact of reward system in employee performance of the airline industry. This reward system is a sensitive issue in those company who have a huge number of employee. In this case, we choose “British Airways”. We will try to evaluate the reward system of British Airways. How they use the reward system with their employees and what is the effect for this implementation. If the effect of this implementation is positive then what is the result and if not then what have to do and how.