How employee motivation can result in meeting customer satisfaction? A case study on Tesco PLC, UK

CWA 500 Words, CWB 2500 Words.

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1        Research aims

1.2        Research objectives

1.3        Researcher Question

2       Literature review

2.1        Employee Motivation

2.2        Customer Satisfaction

2.3        Types of Customer Satisfaction

2.4        Conceptual Framework

2.5        Hypothesis

3       Research Design and Methodology

3.1        Type of investigation

3.2        Data collection method

3.3        Sampling method

3.4        Accessibility issues

3.5        Ethical issues

3.6        Data analysis plan

3.7        Research limitations

4       Timetable

5       Conclusion

6       References




1         Introduction

Tesco PLC is a multinational online shopping centre as well as supermarket based in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, and London, UK. Tesco PLC is the third largest store in the world assessed through revenue as well as the second – largest store in the world by means of earnings. It has merchants in 12 nations over Parts of Asia, European Union as well as North America and is also the current grocery market chief in Great Britain (where it’s a market reveal associated with all-around 30%), the Republic associated with Ireland, Malaysia, as well as Thailand (BBC report, 2014). Tesco PLC requires to pay attention to personnel enthusiasm that can start a good result in making better customer happiness also to help make best buyers to the company.

Customers who are satisfied with the company are the most important wealth for the company. This research will make an understanding about the important of employee motivation and customer satisfaction in the company. Employee motivation is one of the major part in management. The number of customer depends on the marvellous service given by the employee (DeMey, Sankey and Flowers, 2001). By which the customer will come back for repurchase and also tell about the service to others. In this way the number of customer will be increased day by day. So employee motivation is one of the way to make the customer satisfied. Nowadays, customer retention occurs, where there is higher service. And motivation can be used as a strong method for developing employee involvement. Loyal and satisfied customers are the main basement for any company. So if any company wants to ensure the growth they have to think about the employee satisfaction to make the customer happy. This research will shed positive light on the understanding between employee motivation and customer satisfaction (Tracy, 2013). Moreover, the company can be benefited by knowing how employee motivation works and how it can be used with customer satisfaction.

1.1        Research aims

Motivation of the employees is one of the best strategic methods of today’s business perception. It is said that, if you want to satisfy yourself by business first energize your employees, they will run your business to the summit. And when employee will get the passion in them, they will work more efficiently. This will develop the performance and as a result, customer will get better quality product and service. They will be satisfied as their perceived value will be met. This research aims is to find out the motivation of employees that results to meet the customer satisfaction with the UK’s multinational company Tesco PLC. To carry out the essence that the study of this target happen to be acknowledged in addition to offered beneath.

1.2        Research objectives

  • To assess the motivation strategies followed by the selected case study
  • To analyse the customer satisfaction on those motivation strategies followed by the selected case study
  • To evaluate the reason of why customer are more attracted to the most responsive and interactive companies.
  • To recommend on how to improve employee motivation to increase the customer satisfaction in the chosen context.