Event Design




Table of Contents

1       Introduction

2       Planning and arrangement of an African Fashion Show

2.1       Purpose

2.2       Theme

2.3       Venue

2.4       Event Design Plan

2.5       Menu

Pan-fried chicken pie

Freekeh salad


Carrot and coriander falafel

2.6       Music

2.7       Activities

2.8       Budget

3       Conclusion

4       References









1        Introduction

An event can be defined as any happening or incident that takes place on a particular occasion (Beard and Russ, 2017).  It is usually participated by a lot of people. It is usually a social or public gathering on a particular occasion. Some of the characteristics of an event are participation of a lot of people, systematic planning etc. An event planning is the systematic planning and implementation of an event that can meet the purpose of the event as well as entertain the audience (Corinth, 2010). The aim of event planning is to design and implement the event in accordance with the client requirements and within the given budget. I am working as an event manager for ABC London Events Co and my company has been entrusted with the responsibility to arrange an African fashion show in London. This report will present the planning, designing and implementation of the fashion show that include its purpose, theme, costing, venue management and other related aspects that are integral part of the event.

2        Planning and arrangement of an African Fashion Show

The early phases of fashion show generation are dependably the most energizing, meeting the customer, understanding their needs and longings, working together on ideas and getting the inventive apparatuses moving. In the event that it’s a built up fashion house like Prada or Givenchy there are normally exceptionally unmistakable worldwide signifiers to play off, similar to logos, trademarks or patterns, for example, Chanel’s diamond shaped quilting or Burberry’s pervasive plaid. Illustrations would be utilizing Burberry’s plaid on the runway or as a backdrop or as seat covers, for instance. In any case, even with worldwide brands the fashioners have remarkable dreams for each accumulation.

2.1        Purpose

The ultimate purpose of any event is to successfully and effectively arrange the event within the given budget and requirement of the client (Duggan, 2011). Apart from this, the entertainment of the audience in a meaningful and positive way is also important. An event can be said to have met its purposes if all aspects of the event are arranged in a coordinated and consistent manner that meet the satisfaction of then client (Duggan, 2011).

These basic purposes also apply in this African fashion show as well. The purpose of this fashion show is to showcase the African dresses and culture to the people. It is being arranged by Royal African Society which is an organization in the UK promoting African culture, politics, business and academia etc. The client Royal African Society has given us the responsibility to arrange this function within a prescribed budget and we have been given some instructions/directions on the expectations and requirements of the client. The purpose of the African fashion show can be met if we successfully arrange the programme in compliance with the client demand.