Critically analyzing the impact of total quality management on employee performance in Hotel industry, UK: A case study on Marriott Hotel, London

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1        Rationale of the Research

1.2        Research Aim and Objectives

1.3        Research Questions

2       Literature Review

2.1        Total Quality Management

2.2        Components of Total Quality Management

2.3        Appraisals for employee performance

2.4        TQM on Employee Performance

2.5        Linking business’ ratings to services quality advancement

2.6        The connection between business approach, TQM, & business performance

2.7        The effect of the submission of the concept of TQM on job gratification

2.8        The impact of the modern systems cost to control the overall quality

2.9        Conceptual Framework

3       Research Design and Methodology

3.1        Type of Investigation

3.2        Research Method

3.3        Research Approaches

3.4        Data Collection Techniques

3.5        Sampling Technique and Sample Size

3.4        Data Analysis Methods

3.5        Accessibility Issues

3.6        Ethical Issues

3.7        Research Limitations

4       Research Schedule and Time Plan

5       Reference





1        Introduction

Marriott is one of the deluxe and top hotel in the Heathrow area in London. It is a four star luxurious hotel and it retain its top position among other 18 hotels associate in hotel business in Heathrow area. Its major clients are business guests and tourists because they situated beside on an international airport. Marriott is located in Harlington Road, UB3 5AN, United Kingdom. The total room capacity around 393 and it’s provide 24 hours room service to meet their client requirement. Its value added features are attracting. It offers 15 vast meeting rooms, modern Gym, super cleaned water swimming pool and spa. The clients also acquire the internet, fax and photocopy conveniences.

TQM or Total Quality Management is an important concern of modern effective management. It indicate the comprehensive set of management and resistor processes intended to focus a whole organization and all of its employees on giving goods or services that certify the preeminent conceivable job of satisfying the customer. Employee performance usually a set of actions, behavior, consequences, movements and performs that subsidize towards organizational aims.

Quality management is one of the substances of an industry in order to see high quality typical in the agreed sector, as it is directing on course growth and management, desirable on the cover of the needed capitals. This Quality Management is TOTAL owing to the following details:  All links of the group contributes in the exact courses, It is practical to all the activities of the given corporation, It is regarding all legislative levels, subdivisions in the agreed firm (Aldehayyat, 2010)

This research will emphasis on verifying the impact of TQM on overall employee performance. Employee Participation rises the employee performance because it is an extensive strategy to proliferate employee performance by swaying how their work is prepared & accepted. There is also a solid influence of employee involvement on employee performance as it escalate their Job satisfaction & tiny Stability effects on productivity. This paper will also show the factors of TQM that strongly influence the employee performance.