Critically analysing the impact of various rewards systems on improved customer service: A case study on British Airways


Table of Contents


Research Aim

Research Objectives

Research Question

Literature Review

Reward Systems

Customer Service

Ways of Reward System

Performance and Reward

Performance Evaluation and Reward Effectiveness

Impact of various reward systems on customer service

Conceptual Framework

Research Hypothesis

Research Methodology

Type of Investigation

Data collection method

Primary Data Collection

Sampling method

Accessibility issues

Ethical Issues







British Airways is the largest airways in the world. Among all airlines, it is the most successful organization of all airlines in the world. This airline was merged by the combination of BOAC and BEA in 1974. The success of this airline does not come for short time. Lots of tries and skill makes it today’s position. New idea generation, creating innovation, adding additional features, increasing facilities and performance evaluation make it leading airline. Now it has more than 570 destinations in 133 territories among the world, this airline provides continuous service.

The research issue identifies that reward management impacts on customer service as well as satisfactions. This means how reward system applied to the employees maximize customer service through employee performance. BA realises that to get effective and continuous performance from employees, they must be satisfied. And if employee get the proper remuneration, enhanced customer service will be possible. That’s why company takes many incentive rewards and bonuses. British Airways is no doubted a leading airline airways in the world. From the starting, it was leading airline though it faced in trouble in the eve of 1980. Customer satisfaction made it leading once again. So, it is now must pay attention for giving up to date knowledge and training opportunity for competitive advantage. This research proves that there is a correlation between reward management and customer service. Customer service need to be developed through many ways company takes. More importantly, customers depend on its service and the root of service is employee attitude, manner and behaviour, which can be confirmed by proper reward system.

Research Aim

Here, the aim is to analysis the impact reward systems on customer service of British Airline Company. This research will be in line with the aim and develop some research data that will focus on customer service level of the company.