Critically analysing the impact of empowerment on organisational productivity of retail industry: A Case Study on Walmart

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction. 3

1.1      Background of the Study. 3

1.2      Rationale of the Study. 3

1.3      Research Aim and Objectives. 4

1.4      Research questions. 5

  1. Literature Review.. 5

2.1      Empowerment 5

2.2      Impacts of Empowerment on Organisational Productivity. 6

2.3      Conceptual Framework. 7

Figure: Conceptual Framework. 7

  1. Research Methodology. 7

3.1      Type of Investigation. 7

3.2      Data Collection Techniques. 8

3.3      Sampling Technique. 8

3.4      Data Accessibility. 9

3.5      Ethical Considerations. 9

3.6      Data Analysing Plan. 10

3.7      Research Limitations. 10

3.8      Research Timetable by Gantt chart 10 

Expected Outcome. 11 

Justification of Research Structure. 12 

Conclusion. 12 

References. 13




Organisational productivity and growth is the core objectives of every organisation (Bartram and Casimir, 2007). Large organisation like Walmart, BMW, or TESCO conduct various activities to increase the organisational productive. Here, in this proposal, demonstrate the impact of empowerment in Walmart. We know that Walmart is a multinational retail stores that runs its business all around the world. Walmart is world’s largest revenue making company with its largest discount and warehousing chain. It is mainly an American company founded by Sam Walton in the year 1969. It has different name in different countries. It operates as Walmart de Mexico Centroamerica in Mexico, Asda in UK, Seiyu in Japan and in different other name in different countries. It is the largest retail chain with 11000 stores in 27 countries. All the stores are differentiated under 55 different banners. By 1988 Walmart became the largest retail business profit making business in USA and gradually they have become one of the largest retail businesses in the world. The employment issue is a very important factor for the company (Oeji et al, 2012). The empowerment of the employee comes with the employment issue (Loughlin, 2006). Company’s employees react on different factors and steps taken by the company differently (Namasivayam et al, 2014). The paper will study on how employees react on a feasible empowerment of the company. The study will try to bring out the factors that related to the empowerment of the employee and also the positive and negative impact of the empowerment.

This research will focus on the impact of empowering employees and will see if it has any correlation with productivity. Empowering employees can be a way to enhance productivity in the organization. Therefore it is an issue that will measure impact of empowerment in productivity. Empowerment of employees might have effect on productivity of employees since it gives them freedom of work, works as motivation and ensures timely decision making. So it is a current issue that can influence organization’s performance.