Critical analysis of the marketing channel for delivering customer value: A case study on WARBURTON

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Table of Contents


Rational for this Study

What is The Research Issue

Why is it an issue?

What is It an Issue now?

What could this research shed light on?



Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1       Rational of the Study

1.2       Research Aim

1.3       Research Objective

1.4       Research question

2       The Literature Review

2.1       Marketing channel

2.2       Customer Value

2.3       How Channel Members add Customer Value

2.4       Types of Marketing Channel

2.5       Channel Design Decision

2.6       Conceptual Framework

2.7       Research Hypothesis

2.8       Summary of the literature Review

3       Research Design and Methodology

3.1       Type of Investigation

3.2       Data collection method

3.3       Sampling Method

3.4       Accessibility issue

3.5       Ethical Issue

3.6       Data Analysis Plan

3.7       Research Limitation

4       Timetable

5       Reference

6       Bibliography

7       Appendix

7.1       Dissertation Structure



List of figures

Marketing Channel (Gomez, 2006)




1         Introduction

Warburton a British company has been running their business from 1876. They are one of the largest food product company having their business all around United Kingdom. Their main business is in their home region Lancashire. But they have business activities in other cities of UK. The main competitors of Warburton are Kingsmill and Hovis. According to the market share in the food and drinking industry Warburton is in 2nd position.

The research issue is to identify the effectiveness of marketing channel for delivering more value to the customer. The point is whether the marketing channels can create value for the customer or not. And even if the channel can create value are they effective enough to increase the sale of the product. And the research issue is to find the influence and important of marketing channel for creating value and making sales. Marketing channels are getting diversified now. Marketing is now all about innovation and how effectively one use its all factors. So it has become an important question that can Warburton can hold their current market share. It is also an important factor to increase the current market share in cities like London. The research is conducted on the marketing channel of a company and the value it add to the product for better customer satisfaction.

Marketing channel is a mean of adding value to the customer (Castaldo, Grosso and Premazzi, n.d.).  In the food industry which are selling locally baking product highly depends on the marketing channel. This types of company focus on marketing channel mostly rather than promotional activities. So a problem has been identified that is marketing channel the most effective tool to create customer value? The efficiency of marketing channel also need to be identified so that the company can ensure greater value to its product.  So the question here arises, does the marketing channel is effective enough to create a good relationship with the customer. And it is also important to identify the marketing channel strength and weaknesses and their effectiveness to create customer value for the company.