Can an overt international pricing strategy negatively affect brand image? The case of BT Group PLC, UK

CWA 500 Words, CWB 2500 Words.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction

1.1        Rationale of the Study

1.2        The research aims

1.3        Research objectives

1.4        Research questions

2       Literature review

2.1        Brand image

2.2        Overt international pricing strategies

2.3        Development of global brands

2.4        Global Branding

2.5        Conceptual framework:

2.6        Hypothesis

3       Research Design and Methodology

3.1        Types of Investigation:

3.2        Data collection method

3.3        Sampling method

3.1        Accessibility issues

3.2        Ethical issues

3.3        Data analysis plan

3.4        Research limitations

4       Timescale

5       Conclusion

6       Reference



1.     Introduction

BT Group plc is an UK based multinational telecommunication company. Its head office is situated in Greater London, England, United Kingdom. It runs businesses in around 170 nations around the world. BT Global Services Company is a provider regarding telecommunications services to be able to company in addition to government buyers around the world. In international market BT group has great demand. BT Group PLC is second largest company in UK. The pricing strategy of this company is different in different country. But, it normally follow the skimming pricing strategy.

Every organization has their own pricing strategy. BT Group PLC, UK has its own pricing strategy. If they want to continue their business in this competitive market than they should follow some strategy to survive this global market, but an overt strategy can affect the brand image of the BT group PLC, UK. So, it is a major issue for BT group PLC, UK that the brand image can’t be affected by any means. The company’s main objective is profit maximizing but when the secret strategy is leaked by any means, then their chance of success fluctuated from the position of wining.

In this project we will discuss about international pricing strategy and its impact on the brand image, which is very important to all multinational companies. Every company is unique from other company for that reason their marketing strategy as well as their pricing strategy is also unique. In another word, we differ them or people choose them because of their pricing strategy. So, as we see it not matter that we take lightly. In this project we research about this topic and find out a way to recover this.