Business Plan

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Executive Summary

Expert Money Solutions Ltd. has begun operations this year and provides money transferring to the people of Asia, Middle East, and Europe. The international money transfer industry faces a lot of dynamic changes and uncertainty in the environment they operate in. Organizations like us must therefore understand the competitive environment we operate in both in terms of opportunities and barriers. In order to be successful in the turbulent environment, we have to exploit and take advantage of the opportunities and at the same time defend ourselves against threats and barriers or make them work in their favour.

In this competitive field of monetary service, Expert Money Solutions Ltd. is a start-up organization that caters to transferring remittance such as to Bangladeshi as well as offering regular currency transferring services to walk-in customers in South Asia, UK, and worldwide. Expert Money Solutions Ltd. will be known as the reasonably priced, environmentally sensitive, convenient service provider. In addition to person-to-person remittances, the organization will process many other types of money transfers, including business-to-business transactions (e.g., invoice payments), business-to-person flows (e.g., salary payments), and government-to-person transfers (e.g., pension and welfare payments). Consumer-initiated payments are sometimes known as “retail” payments, while those initiated by institutions are known as “wholesale” payments, etc.

Expert Money Solutions Ltd. is led by two shareholders; is Jahedul Alam and Md. Rifat Ahmed.  The shareholders will be successful in leveraging their experience of operating their business with the skills. Their experience and education will be heavily valued in assuring the success of Expert Money Solutions Ltd.






Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1        Introduction

1.1       Objectives

1.2       Mission

1.3       Keys to Success

2        Company Summary

2.1       Start-up Summary

2.2       Company Ownership

3        Services

4        Market Analysis Summary

4.1       Market Segmentation

4.2       Target Market Segment Strategy

4.3       Service Business Analysis

5        Strategy and Implementation Summary

5.1       Competitive Edge

5.2       Marketing Strategy

5.3       Sales Strategy

5.3.1        Sales Forecast

6        Web Plan Summary

7        Management Summary

7.1       Management Team

7.2       Personnel Plan

8        Financial Plan

8.1       Important Assumptions

8.2       Break-even Analysis

8.3       Projected Profit and Loss

8.4       Projected Cash Flow

8.5       Balance Sheet

8.6       Business Ratios




1        Introduction

Expert Money Solutions Ltd. has been begun its journey in United Kingdom in 2017 providing the best quality service for their customer. It is a fast, reliable, and streamlined method for sending outgoing international payments and money transfers, 24 hours a day. The company strongly believes that customer satisfaction is the main strength for any businesses organization and without made the customer needs and wants any businesses couldn’t be succeeded for long term in the business sector.

1.1      Objectives

  • Develop strategic alliances with service providers nationally, internationally.
  • Reach profitability within the first two years.
  • Maintain margins of 10% on all money transferring service.

1.2      Mission

Expert Money Solutions Ltd.’s mission is to become the foremost provider of money transferring service to the targeted people. The organization seeks to communicate thousands of customers worldwide with reliable, advanced, and convenient service that fit the client’s desires, budget, and satisfaction level.

1.3      Keys to Success

  • Successfully position
  • Communicate the differentiation and quality of our offering through personal interaction and media.
  • Develop a repeat-business base of loyal customers.




2        Company Summary

Expert Money Solutions Ltd is a financial services and communications oriented company based on the United Kingdom. The company which will spread over 240 different countries and territories within few years. Expert Money Solutions Ltd. will achieve £185,000 in estimated revenue for year two, rising to £285,000 for year three. Expert Money Solutions Ltd. offers the most convenient, inexpensive, environmentally sound money transferring service.