Analysis of the Impact on Consumer Satisfaction, Behavior and Attitudes by Using Eco-Friendly Practices and Products in the Hospitality Industry: A case study of Hilton Hotel

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction:

1.1       Significance of the study:

1.2       Research Aims:

1.3       Research Objectives

1.4       Research Questions

2       Literature Review

2.1       Quality Service:

2.2       Quality Service Process:

2.3       Customer Satisfaction

2.4       Customer Perception:

2.5       Conceptual Framework:

3       Research Methodology

3.1       Type of Investigation:

3.2       Data Collection Method:

3.3       Sampling Methods and Sampling Size

3.4       Accessibility Issues

3.5       Ethical Issues

3.6       Data Analysis Plan

3.7       Limitations of the Research

4       Research Time Frame:

5       References:
















1        Introduction:


Ensuring consumer satisfaction is not an easy task. It is one of the difficult jobs that cannot be learnt without expertise. In order to achieve the desired goal, every industry should concentrate on ensuring consumer satisfaction by providing them excellent service. The consumers leave an organization, if the organization lacks to fulfill their needs. If an organization ensures consumer satisfaction, strong bond between organization and customer is created. Every organization attempts to build strong consumer relationships and make them permanent consumers.

Moreover, there is a rapid increase of Hospitality industry in UK.  These hospitality industries include restaurant, fast food retail, catering, bars and other accommodations. Nowadays, it is considered as highly competitive industry for its various expansion strategies (Okumus, 2014). It contributes to the employment and economy of a country.  However, hotel industries are considered as key players in service sector in UK industries. It helps to expand international business.

Hilton Hotel is one of the distinguished hotel industries in UK. It was founded in 1919 by Conrad Hilton. It is operating its business globally (Okumus, 2014). It attempts to ensure consumer satisfaction through various eco-friendly practices and delivering them the quality products.  However, this research is going to investigate how Hilton Hotel attempts to ensure customer fulfillment through its various practices and providing the superior quality product.

1.1      Significance of the study:


Both youth and industry will be benefitted from the study. It will help the youths to understand the ever changing needs of consumers, approach to satisfy their needs and finally exploring the future of the industry by fulfilling its consumer needs (Prud’homme and Raymond, 2013).  The rationale of this research on consumer needs of quality service in Hilton Hotel is to understand the standard of service and fix the problem in ensuring quality service.  However, it is also necessary to study the current practices conducted by Hilton Hotel towards consumer satisfaction.