Analysis of the Effectiveness of Online Banking System in Terms Service Quality & Satisfaction: A case study HSBC Bank Plc

CWA 500 Words, CWB 2500 Words.

Table of Contents


Rational for this Study

What is The Research Issue

Why is it an issue?

What is It an Issue now?

What could this research shed light on?




Table of Contents

1        Introduction

1.1       Rationale of the study

1.2       Research Aim

1.3       Research Objective

1.4       Research questions

1.5       Research Hypothesis

2        Literature Review

2.1       Identifying Customer Service quality

2.1.1        Identifying the expectation and service level for meeting the expectation

2.1.2        Market Research

2.1.3        Measuring Customer Satisfaction

2.1.4        Identifying Strength Weaknesses

2.1.5        Assessing the Competitors

2.2       Consumer Delight Factor

2.3       Consumer Insight

2.4       Customer Satisfaction

2.5       Determining Customer Satisfaction Process

2.5.1        Understanding Customer expectation

2.5.2        Promise to Customer

2.5.3        Execution

2.5.4        Auditing the customer service

2.5.5        Controlling

3        Research Methodology

3.1       Type of Investigation

3.2       Data collection Method

3.3       Sampling Method

3.4       Accessibility

3.5       Ethical Issue

3.6       Data analysis  Plan

3.7       Research Limitations

4        Anticipated Findings

5        Conclusion

6        Reference


Appendix 1: Dissertation Structure

Appendix 2: Position of HSBC in Advertising sectors and volume campaigns




1        Introduction

Customer satisfaction is one of the major goals of every organization. It can achieved if the quality of service is better utilized. Here in this research paper, I will demonstrate the functions and activities of HSBC, which is one of the major commercial bank in UK. It is world’s second largest bank. It has almost 7000 branches all over the world and the head quarter of HSBC is situated at London. HSBC bank is listed in both London stock exchange and Hong Kong stock exchange (Jahanian, 2012). In their commercial banking segment they provide financial service to small, medium and middle market enterprises. They have more than 3 million customers of sole proprietorship, partnership business, different clubs, association and incorporation also.

In the recent days the online banking has become very important and most of the banks are offering online banking service. The research paper will study on how online business is increasing their customer service in the retail banking system and what are the effectiveness of online banking in the retail banking sector for customer satisfaction and their service Quality. The research paper will focus on the retail banking system of HSBC. The outcome of the research study can help us to identify how effectively HSBC is conducting the retail banking segment to increase their business.

1.1       Rationale of the study

There are almost around 18000 banks who are conducting retail banking activities. Retail banking is one of the major concern for all the commercial banks. One of the key issue for most of the banks is to take deposit from the customer through different accounts. Most of the banks are now using internet in their retail banking sector.  There are different type of retail services in every bank and also all the services varies from each other. The quality of these service and the efficiency of the retail banking upholds the reputation of the bank (Sanders, 2005). In the study the core factors, that help to make a good retail banking, will be focused. The study will also provide information about the services HSBC is providing to its customer to satisfy them. The study will be focusing on the effectiveness of online banking in creating delight factor that HSBC retail banking is providing to its customer with their services. How they are doing in comparing with the other banks will also be focused in the study.