Analysis of HR Management and its Impact on Productivity and Innovation: A Case Study of Tesco Plc., UK

CWA 500 Words, CWB 2500 Words.

Table of contents

1.1 Research Background

1.2 Rationale of this Study

1.3 Statement of the Problem

1.4 Research Aims and Objectives

1.5 Research Questions

1.6 Research Hypothesis

Literature Review
2.1 Human Resource Management

2.2 Significant of HRM Practices

2.3 Human Resource Policies

2.4Human Resources- Key to Productivity

2.5 HRM leads to Efficiency

2.6 HRM and Innovation

2.7 Conceptual Framework

Research Methodology
3.1 Type of Investigation

3.2 Data collection Method

3.3 Sampling Technique& Sample Size

3.4 Accessibility Issues

3.5 Ethical Issues

Limitations of the study
Anticipated Findings

Appendix A: Dissertation Structure

Appendix B: Research Time Frame

1. Introduction

Human resources are the most important resources of the organization. Basically the success of the organization depends on the level of productivity, efficiency and the level of innovation and all of these are deepens on the human resources of the organization. So human resources are the most important factors on which the other factors of the organization depends. Today employees are not consider as the cog of machine rather they are consider as the most valuable assets of the organization. But the success of productivity, increase of efficiency and level of innovation depends on the proper and effective use of the human that is the human resource practices or management. So the human resources management has become the most important task for every organization. Human resource management ensures the employees authority and responsibility and also their empowerment and participation that basically leads the higher productivity, increase efficiency and make innovation. This proposal basically tries to seek the human resource practices of the TESCO PLC the most leading retailer company of UK. This study also focuses the ways how to improve the practices of the human resources in different culture in order to gain the competitive advantages in productivity, efficiency and innovation. An effective HR practices helps to encourage the employee to invent something.