An investigation on the role of corporate social responsibility to build brand equity in the airlines industry- A case study on kingfisher airlines, UK

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The researcher has focussed on the impact of the activities related to the corporate social responsibility on the brand image or reputation of kingfisher Airlines. Kingfisher Airlines is more or less involved in some very pivotal CSR activities such as waste management and pollution reduction programs, contribution to educational and social programs, creation of public awareness regarding some pivotal issues such as health, tree plantation and more, succouring activities to the people who need help during the time of natural disaster etc. The researcher has attempted to find out the perceptions of the Kingfisher Airlines’ clientele regarding its commitment to corporate social responsibility and for this reason he has developed a theoretical model featuring diverse aspects of each and every CSR related activities of Kingfisher Airlines. The reliability of each aspect used in the model has been checked with the help of Cronbach’s Alpha test. It is a matter of elation that each and every aspect used in the model has been found reliable. That is, the aspects can successfully evaluate Kingfisher Airlines’ commitment on its CSR activities. The researcher has already mentioned that an alpha value of 0.70 is good and 0.60 is fair. It has been found that the alpha values of all aspects used are above 0.6. Hence, the model used to evaluate customers’ perception regarding Kingfisher Airlines’ CSR activities is roughly reliable. Greater number of activities related to corporate social responsibility can significantly contribute to the brand equity building of a company. Finally, if we notice the overall customers’ perception regarding Kingfisher Airlines involvement in CSR activities with the help of alpha values, we can easily notice that the average alpha value of all the aspects of CSR activities considered is 4.99 indicating the involvement of Kingfisher Airlines in the CSR activities is average though the customers who have already availed the services of Kingfisher Airlines have a very good perception regarding its individual CSR activities. Therefore, Kingfisher Airlines need to step up the level of its CSR activities.

Keywords: Cronbach’s Alpha test, Brand equity, Reputation, Customers’ perceptions, Brand image, Kingfisher Airlines (KFA)




Table of Contents



1       Introduction:

1.1        Background of the Study:

1.2        Rationale of the Study

1.2.1        What is the Research Issue?

1.2.2 Why is it an issue?

1.2.3 Why is it an issue now?

1.2.4 What could this research shed light on?

1.3        Research Aim, Objective and Question:

1.3.1        Research Aim

1.3.2        Research Objectives

1.3.3        Research Questionnaire

2       Literature Review

2.1        Definition of Corporate Social Responsibility

2.2 Brand Equity

2.3 Corporate Reputation

2.4 Corporate Social Responsibility & Brand Equity

2.5 CSR and the goodwill of the Corporation

2.6 Corporate Reputation and Brand Equity

2.7 Conceptual Framework

2.8        Summary of Literature Review


  1. Research Design and Methodology

3.1 Research philosophy

3.1.1 Justification of Research philosophy

3.2 Approach of the Research

3.2.1 Qualitative Approach

3.2.2 Quantitative Approach

3.2.3 Justification of Research Approach

3.3 Research Strategy

3.3.1 Justification of Research Strategy

3.4 Sampling Method:

3.4.1 Justification of the sampling method:

3.5 Data Collection

3.5.1 Primary data:

3.5.2 Justification of primary data collection

3.5.3 Secondary Data:

3.5.4 Justification of secondary data collection

3.6 Sort of Investigation

3.7 Ease in Data Collection:

3.8 Concern for the company regarding Data:

3.9 Data Analysis

3.10 Cronbach’s Alpha Test of Reliability

3.11 Reliability and Validity aspect of the research

3.11.1 Reliability

3.11.2 Validity

3.12 Limitations of the Research

3.13 Time Budget of the Research

  1. Analysis in details and Findings

4.1 Demographic Information of the Clientele

4.1.1 Gender:

4.1.2 Age Group:

4.1.3 Education:

4.1.4 Income:

4.1.5 Questionnaire used in the research and their answer:

4.2 Cronbach’s Alpha Test for Kingfisher Airlines’ CSR activities:

4.3 Data Analysis

4.3.1 Waste and Pollution Reduction Programs:

4.3.2 Contribution to Educational and Social Programs:

4.3.3 Creating awareness about public health and tree plantation

4.3.4 Succoring activities during natural disaster

4.4 Discussion

  1. Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Concluding Remarks:

5.2 Achievement of Objectives:

5.3 Recommendations:


3       Appendix 1

4       Appendix 2