An investigation on impact of leadership on profitability of an organisation in the retail industry of UK: A case study on Walmart, UK

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1       Significance of the study

1.2       Rationale of the research

1.3       Research aims

1.4       Research objectives

1.5       Research questions

2       Literature review

2.1       What is leadership

2.2       Trait Theories

2.3       Organizational Profitability

2.4       From Individual Leaders to Leadership Institutions

2.5       From Cult Control to Cultural Coherence

2.6       From Rules to Principles

2.7       Conceptual Framework

3       Research Design and Methodology

3.1       Type of investigation

3.2       Data collection method

3.3       Sampling method

3.4       Accessibility issues

3.5       Ethical issues

3.6       Data analysis plan

3.7       Research limitations

4       Conclusion



1        Introduction

WALMART has started its journey in 1962 in UK with only 24 stores. It is a profitable business, which is one of the largest retail business in the world. Now there are 11000 retail stores in 27 countries in 27 banners. Currently, it is the second largest superstore in Britain. Leadership is a part and parcel of an organization’s development. So it must be highly examined in professionalism for leading a team or group. So in WALMART there is also a significant side to maintain a good leadership for staying in the leading market position for a long time. So the researcher are providing some research criteria on basis of some research factors and procedures on the leadership of the company WALMART.

1.1      Significance of the study

This study is mainly set up on the impact of leadership on organizational profitability. To boost up the profit line is always the core target of every organization. It is one of the most significant matters in the organizational structure and performance in the retail organization. Because an appropriate leadership style can move a company to rise and down. When the leader can cope up with the changing situation of the organization and can set up the environment in a way, where every employee will be proactive, it will ultimately increase the profitability of the organization. On the other hand, a poor leader can ruin the game. In case of WALMART, placing the most appropriate leader is very much crucial. This research will demonstrate the complete scenario of the company in terms of its leadership and profitability.