An investigation of the influences of internet marketing scheme on consumer purchasing behavior: The case of eBay

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In the time of globalization electronic advertising is an extraordinary upset. Throughout the most recent decade greatest business associations are running with innovative change. Internet shopping or promoting is the utilization of innovation (i.e., PC) for better advertising execution. Furthermore, retailers are formulating techniques to take care of the demand of online customers; they are occupied in concentrating on buyer conduct in the field of web shopping, to see the purchaser mentality towards web shopping. Thusly we have additionally chosen to study shopper’s state of mind towards internet shopping and particularly mulling over the variables impacting customers to shop on the web.

The populace chose for the exploration is understudy, and limited down to University understudies, University cafeteria and Public library, the example size chose for this examination is 100 and we have utilized comfort examining strategy.

Our discoveries demonstrated that among the four elements chose for this examination the most appealing and affecting component for online customers in the city is Website Design/Features, taking after accommodation the second most impacting and thirdly efficient. Results have likewise demonstrated that security is of essential concern among online customers in city. The examination has likewise found that there are some different components which impact online customers including, less value, rebate, input from past clients and nature of item. For the second research question i.e. who are online customers in term of demography: the connection results for the age and mentality towards internet shopping has demonstrated that elderly individuals are not all that quick to shop on the web. Though for training it is reasoned that advanced education makes web shopping less alluring, for the wage the connection results are so feeble henceforth we couldn’t close anything out of it. It is normal that this study won’t just help retailers in city to devise effective techniques for online customers however it will likewise give a base to comparable studies in the felid of purchaser disposition towards web shopping.





Table of Contents

Supervisor’s Declaration

Student’s Declaration


Chapter 1-Introduction

  1. Introduction

1.1 Rationale of the study

1.2 Aim of the research

1.3 Objective of the research

1.4 Research question

Chapter 2- Literature Review

2 Literature Review and Conceptual Framework

2.1 Framework of marketing

2.2 The concept of internet marketing

2.3 Benefit of internet marketing

2.4 Environmental aspect of internet marketing to stimulate the firm’s value

2.5 Consumer behavior mechanism

2.6 Adverse effect of internet marketing

2.7 Types of internet users: Shoppers vs. Browsers

2.8 Online shoppers in terms of demography

2.9 Reasons behind the choice of theories

2.10 Theories and models

Chapter 3-Research Methodology

  1. Research design and data collection method.

3.1 Type of Investigation

3.2 Data collection method

3.2.1 Justification of Secondary Data Collection

3.2.2 Justification of Questionnaire Data Collection

3.3 Sampling method

3.4 Accessibility Issues

3.5 Research Philosophy

3.5.1 Justification of Research Philosophy

3.6 Research Approach

3.6.1 Justification of Research Approach

3.7 Validity and reliability

3.8 Data analysis

3.9 Research Limitations

Chapter 4 Analysis and Discussion

  1. Result Analysis and Discussion

4.1 Demography

4.1.1 Gender

4.1.2 Age

4.1.3 Income

4.2 Analysis of four factors

4.2.1         Convenience

4.2.2 Website outline/highlights:

4.2.3         Time sparing

4.2.4        Security: Security is isolated into three modules.

Chapter 5- Conclusion and Recommendation

  1. Conclusion

5.1 Recommendation

5.2 Future Research