An investigation of the impact of store advertising on customer purchasing decisions: A case study of Sainsbury, UK

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1       Rationale of the study

1.2       Research Aim:

1.3       Research Objectives:

1.4       Research Questions:

1.5       Hypothesis:

2       Literatures:

2.1       Store advertisement

2.2       Store advertisement and customer relation

2.3       Store advertisement and marketing

2.4       Store advertisement and branding

2.5       Store advertisement and customer equity, customer loyalty

2.6       Conceptual framework

3       Research Methodology

3.1       Type of Investigation

3.2       Data collection method:

3.3       Sampling method

3.4       Accessibility Issues

3.5       Ethical Issues

3.6       Data analysis plan

3.7       Research Limitations

4       Research time frame

5       Conclusion

6       References
















1         Introduction

Store advertising is an old form of advertising but most effective advertising so far. It is also an important element or tool of an overall marketing strategy. An effective store advertising element can uphold sales from customers who already in the store but not willing to take product from the precise company (Espejo, 2010). It makes them rethink about the product that they willing to purchase or help to choose among different types of products in the product category that belongs to the store. It’s a way of communication to the customers who are loyal or potential (Blythman, 2013). Sometimes customer alone fall in trouble to choose the best one from the diverse products and store advertising helps them to justify the product and choose the product. Among different types of advertising in-store advertising is more effective and forcible.

In store advertising is effective in such a way-First time users of the product who did not use this type of product before, this can be the way to convince the customer to buy the product. First time user of the brand- some people have tendency to change brand rapidly and wants to use its competitor’s product (Blythman, 2013). In store advertising helps them to identify the product easily. For the regular user of the product, it is a reminder for them. Launching new brand in the market can also help the company to reach the customers.