An investigation of the impact of customer satisfaction on expanding the market share: A case study of Xiaomi, China

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction:

1.1        Rationale for the Study:

1.2        Research Aim:

1.3        Research Objective:

1.4        Research Question:

2       Literature Review

2.1        Customer Satisfaction:

2.2        Xiaomi’s Strategy to approach customer:

2.3        Xiaomi’s innovative customer service mechanism:

2.4        Customizable Android UI:

2.5        Social media hubs and fan communities:

2.6        Conceptual Framework:

3       Research Methodology

3.1        Type of Investigation

3.2        Data Collection Method

3.3        Sampling Method

3.4        Accessibility Issues

3.5        Ethical Issues

3.6        Anticipated Findings

4       Timetable

5       Conclusions

6       Reference


1        Introduction:

Customer satisfaction refers to the extent to which a company can provide the products and services to its customers as per the expectations and demands (Donovan & Henley, 2003). Customer satisfaction is a vital key performance indicators for any company because if the customers of a company are satisfied, then the company is successful to deliver the needed products and services to the customers (Meuter et al., 2000). Customer contentment mainly refers to the degree to which customers are happy with the products and services provided by a business (Luo and Homburg 2007). Customer satisfaction levels can be measured using survey methods and questionnaire (Faullant, R. & Matzler, 2008). Xiaomi is a mobile Internet corporation that focuses on self-regulating research and growth of high-end smart phones.  Xiaomi established in April 2010. The new stage enables Xiaomi to provide a superior customer understanding and will strongly support its overseas expansion (Bodker, M., Gimpel, 2011).