An assessment on the influence of Advertising on Consumer Behaviour: A case study of Unilever, UK

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1        Rationale of the study:

1.2        Research aim and objectives

1.3        Research Question

2       Literature review

2.1        Advertising Strategy

2.2        Elements of Advertising Plan

2.3        Marketing channel:

2.4        Customer value:

2.5        Conceptual framework:

3       Research Design and Methodology

3.1        Research philosophy:

3.2        Types of investigation:

3.3        Data collection:

3.4        Sampling and accessibility:

3.5        Data analysis plan:

3.6        Limitation of research:

4       Timetable

5       Conclusion





1        Introduction

The term Advertising is very important in the field of the multinational organization. The success in the business in many cases depends on the success of the advertisement process. The company Unilever introduces various kinds of advertising patter which delivers this company with a lucrative position.it as a significantly effect on the buying behaviour of the customer. That means based on the problem or necessity the customer at first face the step of the advertisement of the expected product.

1.1      Rationale of the study:

At the beginning of the twenty century the world first amazed by the biggest consumer product line in the United Kingdom. Yes! This is Unilever Company which is founded in 1929 in the UK.  Headquarter of this organisation is in the Rotterdam, Netherland and London. the company has four hundred brands where it only emphasises fourteen brands.at present the company ids dealing with one hundred and ninety countries of the world with at least twelve thousand franchised outlets.it is basically a British-Dutch multinational company including the main food like food, cosmetics, beverage and cleaning agent product as well as personal care product.it is such kind of organisation has the capacity to penetrate in all kinds of market all over the world.