An Assessment of the Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Customer Satisfaction in Automobile Industry; a Case Study on BMW, UK

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Rational of this study

Research Aims

Research Objectives

Research questions

How CSR activities of BMW affect customer’s satisfaction level?

How corporate social responsibility activities are correlated with customer satisfaction level in BMW?

How BMW creating their desired corporate image by using CSR activities?

What are the suggestion and recommendation for the management of BMW to improve their corporate social responsibility activities?

Literature Review

Corporate social responsibility (CSR):

Corporate Self-regulation:

Corporate Image:


Customer loyalty:

Customer satisfaction:

Conceptual Framework

Research Methodology

Type of investigation

Data collection method

Sampling Method

Accessibility issues

Ethical issues

Data analysis plan

Research limitations

Anticipated Findings






Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a self-regulation mechanism for business. It is a process by which businesses take initiatives to monitor its compliance with the laws, ethical and environmental standards and take responsibility for the company’s operation’s effect on the economy, society and environment (Hunnicutt, 2009). For a sustainable and responsible business, every business takes these responsibilities toward the society. Usually companies do for the environment welfare beyond their lawful requirement. Although corporate social responsibility occur some short-term cost for the organisation but it will provide sustainable benefit to the organization in future (Zu, 2009). Responsibility of the business toward society can be two types ecological and social. Companies can fulfil their CSR by reducing waste and pollution, contributing to educational and health program etc. According to customers, if a company want to achieve its business objectives, then it have to do some CSR activities some time because by doing so it can gain customer loyalty and build a separate brand image in the eye of prospective customers (Hunnicutt, 2009). In addition, this will in turn affect the customer’s satisfaction level. If companies are able to do their CSR properly, then it can affect their customer’s satisfaction level and this is the topic of this research.