An analysis on the service quality factors that affect customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector: A study on Hilton UK

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Hospitality sector now a day is a very popular and necessary sector all over the world. Hospitality refers the way how hosts treat their customers or visitors and do their best to entertain them. In hospitality sector various types of services especially tourism services are provided to their customers in a form of hotel, motel, restaurant, resort, travel and so on services (Messenger and Shaw, 1991). As communication being easier across the world it increases the importance of hospitality sector day by day and a competitive environment arise in this sector. Customer is the main part of this sector that’s why their satisfaction is the most important business of this sector. Customers taste, choice, comfort and so on are different with each other. There are so many factors in hospitality sector which affect the customers’ satisfaction (Kantaburta & Vimolratana, 2009; Jham and Khan, 2008). Management has to conscious about those factors to ensure customers satisfaction. This research report is going to analyse in which extent those factors influence customers satisfaction in hospitality sector in the context of Hilton UK. Based on the quantitative research method and deductive approach this research was conducted. A questionnaire survey among the 100 hotel guests of Travelodge budget hotel was conducted. The descriptive statistics and multiple regression analysis were used to analyse the collected data. This research makes it clear that Tangibility, responsiveness, empathy, assurance and reliability are five very important dimensions that this research made clear and those are really important for the customer satisfaction. This research found that the staying experiences of most of the customers are very good and they are really satisfied with the hotel services. Maximum customers’ staying experience in the Hilton UK hotel is good and satisfactory but the staying experiences of some customers are not as satisfactory as others. This research found that almost half of the customers are loyal and they want to come again to the Hilton. Customers think that they get proper value from this hotel. Some customers think that they didn’t get the proper value from Hilton UK as they spend money on the hotel. Hence, there is a medium level of value that this hotel is providing to the customers for their money. Finally, this research found a medium level of customer satisfaction of the Hilton UK.  It is found that tangibility, responsiveness, empathy, assurance, and reliability have significant positive influence on the satisfaction level of the hotel customers.



Table of Contents

1       Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1        Background of the Research

1.2        Rationale of the Research

1.3        Aim and Objectives of the Study

1.4        Research questions

1.5        Research Structure

2       Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1        Introduction

2.2        Service Quality

2.3        Service Quality Dimensions

2.4        The measurement of service quality:

2.4.1        SERVQUAL Model

2.4.2        The SERVPERF (Performance-based measure)

2.5        Customer Satisfaction

2.5.1        Factors of Customer satisfaction in Hotel

2.6        Customer loyalty:

2.7        The link between service factors and customer satisfaction

2.8        Research Framework:

2.9        Conclusion

3       Chapter 3: Methodology

3.1        Introduction

3.2        Research Philosophy

3.2.1        Chosen research philosophy and justification

3.3        Research Approach

3.3.1        Chosen research approach and justification

3.4        Research method

3.4.1        Chosen research method and justification

3.5        Research Strategies

3.5.1        Chosen research strategy and justification

3.6        Sampling method

3.7        Data collection method

3.7.1        Secondary data collection

3.7.2        Primary Data Collection- Questionnaire Survey

3.8        Data Analysis Plan

3.9        Validity and Reliability

3.10     Ethical considerations

3.11     Research Limitations

4       Chapter 4: Findings, Analysis & Discussion

4.1        Introduction

4.2        Demographic information of the respondents

4.3        Survey Findings & Analysis

4.3.1        Service Quality in Hilton UK budget hotel

4.3.2        Customer Satisfaction at Hilton UK

4.4        Regression Analysis & Hypotheses Testing

4.5        Discussion of the Results

4.5.1        Service quality of Hilton UK budget hotel

4.5.2        Customer Satisfaction at Hilton UK

4.5.3        Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction

5       Chapter 5: Conclusion & Recommendations

5.1        Conclusion

5.2        Recommendations

5.3        Limitations and Suggestions for future Study

6       References

7       Appendix A