An analysis on the impact of sales promotions on increasing sales: A case study of McDonald’s, Stratford, London

CWA 500 Words, CWB 2500 Words.

Chapter 1 Introduction


This particular chapter will be dealing with the hypothesis, aims, objectives and questions of the research. The influence of the sales promotion strategy on McDonalds’s increasing level of sales will also be investigated by this paper. It is impossible to estimate the impact of sales promotion on the increasing sales in McDonalds without figuring out the research objective, aim, questions etc. A few questions and rational objectives will be mentioned in order to judge the issue of the research.


  • Research Aim

The principal aim of this research is to do the analysis of the sales promotional strategy influence on the developing sales of McDonalds, London, UK.

With a view to attain the research aim prosperously, this paper will be containing some objectives and questions.


  • Research Questions

The questions that are to be used in the research must be narrow and exact and the answers of the questions will be made based on the observable evidence. (Rubin, A., Babbie, E., 2009)

The particular research work will seek for the answers of the following questions-

  1. What is the definition of sales promotion strategy?
  2. Mention the strategies of sales promotion.
  3. What are the influences and impacts of the strategy regarding sales promotion on the sales on McDonalds?
  4. What can be the possible way of increasing the sales of McDonalds using different kinds of sales promotion strategies?


  • Research Objectives and Hypothesis

A number of objectives related to this research will be set with a view to attaining the core aim of the research successfully. They are mentioned below-

  1. In order to sort out the strategy of sales promotion of McDonalds in case of increasing sales.
  2. To figure out the assessment of sales promotion strategy and their advantage of McDonalds.
  3. To identify the disability of the sales promotion strategies of McDonalds.
  4. To evaluate the relationship between the increasing sales and sales promotion strategy.
  5. To provide instruction to McDonalds with a view to warranting their sales increase by using different types of sales promotion strategies.


The research hypothesis according to the research work are given below-


  1. Business following sales promotion strategy attains more successful increase of sales than any other companies.
  2. If a company’s sales promotion strategy is effective enough, the opportunity of increasing sales is high then.