An analysis on the impact of brand image on purchasing decision of customers in retail apparel industry: A Case Study of Marks & Spencer, UK

Harvard, 12000 Words


The research mainly highlights the basic features of the apparel industries. The apparel industries need to modify their products very soon to better adjust with the market. Moreover, it has become very much apparent that the customers prefer branded goods in their operation of business. Most off the people prefer branded goods in their normal operation of business. Moreover, a common concern has been apparent in the market place the customers prefer branded foods as they do not have enough time to judge the quality of thee products. Moreover, the test of quality is very much important for the organization. The branding has become an important concern for the overall organization. The customers have become very much busy in their normal operation of business. Moreover, the operational directors must take care of the fact that they are providing enough plausible factors to achieve success for the organization.
















  • Table of Contents




2       Chapter 1: Introduction

2.1        Introduction

2.2        Background

2.3        Rationale for the Study

2.4        Research Aims

2.5        Research Objectives

2.6        Research Question

3       Chapter 2: Literature review

3.1        Brief Review on the basis of different articles

3.2        Review of different scholars

3.3        Criticisms

3.4        Motivations

3.5        Positive Sites of Previous Research

3.6        Fields already convered in prior resecrch

3.7        Conceptual framework

4       Chapter 3: Research Methodology

4.1        Types of Investigation

4.1.1        Justification for research investigation:

4.2        Research Philosophy

4.3        Research Approach

4.3.1        Justification for Research Approach:

4.4        Research Strategy

4.4.1        Justification for research Strategy:

4.5        Sample Selection

4.5.1        Justification for Sample Selection:

4.6        Data Collection

4.6.1        Justification for Data Collection:

4.7        Data Analysis

4.7.1        Justification for Data Analysis:

4.8        Ethical Considerations

5       Chapter 4: Data Analysis & Findings

5.1        Data Analysis

5.2        Findings

6       Chapter 5: conclusion and Recommendation

6.1        Conclusion

6.2        Recommendations

7       Reference

8       Appendix 1

9       Appendix 2