An Analysis on the Impact of Brand Awareness on Brand Loyalty and Effective Approaches Towards Sustainable Business position: A case study on Volkswagen UK

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1       Rationale of this study

1.2       Research Aims

1.3       Research Objectives

1.4       Research Questions

1.5       Research Hypothesis

2       Literature Review

2.1       Brand

2.2       Brand Awareness

2.3       Brand Loyalty

2.4       Perceived Quality

2.5       Brand Awareness, Perceived Quality and Brand Loyalty

2.6       Strategic Marketing

2.7       Conceptual Framework

3       Research Methodology

3.1       Types of Investigation

3.2       Data Collection Method

3.3       Sampling Method

3.4       Accessibility issues

3.5       Ethical Issues

4       Anticipated Findings

5       Conclusion

6       References



1        Introduction


The Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s leading and the largest automobile manufacturers in Europe. Volkswagen’s association with the UK goes back to 1952, when the initial two Beetles were sold. In 1953 Volkswagen Motors Ltd turned into the official UK importer, and the brand went from quality to quality. Volkswagen additionally concentrated its operations in 1978, and moved into its home office in Blakelands, Milton Keynes. From Blakelands the organization controls sourcing, advertising and appropriation of all vehicles and parts in the UK. Today Volkswagen UK, as a major aspect of the Volkswagen Group, is one of the nation’s biggest merchants of vehicles, employing about 600 individuals across the country, with the Volkswagen brand employing 180 in Blakelands alone. Today, Volkswagen is perceived as a remarkable and a particular auto brand. It is perceived through its oneof-a-kind vehicles like the Beetle and the Tiguan as well as for its imaginative promoting (Formo and Reed, 2011). Volkswagen is not perplexed to take risks and stand out from the crowd. From its troubled beginnings to its slow and steady rise to the top of the automotive world,Volkswagen has never forgotten what its soul purpose was: to be the people’s car. No matter what has happened, Volkswagen has always put the customer first and designed and sold vehicles for them.Volkswagen is a one-of-a-kind automaker and one worth learning more about.