An analysis on the effectiveness of Sales promotions in improving brand loyalty in the airline industry; a case study on EasyJet, UK

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1       Rationale of the research

1.2       Research aim and objectives

1.3       Research questions

2       Literature review

2.1       Marketing communication tools

2.2       Sales promotion

2.3       Activities of sales promotion

2.4       Marketing communication tools:

2.5       Customer service:

2.6       Commitment:

2.7       Brand loyalty

2.8       Relationship between sales promotion and brand loyalty

2.9       Conceptual framework of the research

3       Research design and methodology:

3.1       Types of investigation

3.2       Research method

3.3       Research approach

3.4       Data collection method

3.5       Sampling method

3.6       Data analysis method

3.7       Accessibility issues

3.8       Ethical issues

3.9       Research limitations

3.10         Research schedule and time plan

4       Conclusion

5       References:







1        Introduction

Marketing communication means the use of media and message used by an organization for the promotion of a company’s products and services. The main purpose of promotional activities is to increase the brand loyalty and favorable concept to the customer mind about a company (Schultz, Patti and Kitchen, 2011). EasyJet Company also uses promotional activities for their service promotion. Promotional mix activities are the blend of advertisement, personal selling, sales promotion, public relation, direct marketing, and internet marketing and so on. These mix activities are used to build the brand loyalty of the airline industry. EasyJet Company is an industry that provides airline transportation service to the customers. It is British low cost airline industry that was established in 1995. In 1996 they first launched their owned aircraft. The company is the largest of all airlines in UK on the number of passengers. About 8900 people are employed in the industry. The industry of airline EasyJet serves its service in about 700 routes in more than 32 countries by about more than 200 aircrafts.