An analysis on the effectiveness of sales promotions in improving brand loyalty in airline industry: A case study of EasyJet, UK

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Consumer buying process behavior is strongly affected by the brand loyalty. In order to deliver extra values of services to the consumers to reach their mind and to satisfy them, marketers need to know what is exactly demanded by them. However numerous major factors play a great role in this case. Thus launching a product or service in the market requires considering these factors. EasyJet is British company which has established itself as low cost service provider in airline industry. Considering the number of passengers carried each year, it is the largest company in UK. Although EasyJet is the market leader, it is essential for the company to scrutinize these factors in its marketing plan, so that it can retain and grow the market shares and remain its position above its competitors. The report will focus on trying to find out the role of sales promotions on brand loyalty to discover the procedure of EasyJet’s adaptation of sales promotions strategy of their marketing plans in order to achieve success through consumer satisfaction. To conduct the research on EasyJet, sample size of 100 respondents is selected. In the first chapter, background of the company, rationale of the study, research objectives, questions, hypothesis etc. are discussed. In second chapter, theoretical aspects of the research are explained. In the third chapter, how the researcher will conduct the research, what will be the methodologies etc. are discussed. Research results and findings are shown and interpreted in chapter four. In chapter five, recommendations are given based on the research findings.




Table of Contents

Supervisor’s Declaration

Student’s Declaration


1        Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1       Background of the Research:

1.2       Background of the company: (EasyJet UK Ltd)

1.3       Problems of the Research:

1.4       Aims and objectives of the Research:

1.5       Question of the Research:

1.6       Conclusion:

2        Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1       Introductions:

2.2       Marketing communication tools

2.3       Sales promotions

2.4       Brand loyalty

2.5       Linking sales promotions with Brand loyalty

2.6       Relationship between sales promotions and brand loyalty

2.7       Sales promotions Techniques

2.8       Brand loyalty point identification

2.9       Conceptual Framework:

2.10         Chapter summary:

2.11         Research hypothesis:

3        Chapter 3: Research Methodology & Data Collection

3.1       Introduction:

3.2       Research philosophy

3.2.1        Selected research philosophy:

3.3       Research design

3.3.1        Selected Research design

3.4       Types of investigation

3.5       Research Strategy

3.6       Research Model

3.7       Data collection approach:

3.7.1        Selected data collection approach:

3.8       Sources of data collection:

3.8.1        Selected sources data collection:

3.8.2        Selected data collection instrument:

3.9       Sampling methods & selected sampling methods:

3.10         Conclusion

4        Chapter 4: Data Analysis & Research Findings

4.1       Introduction:

4.2       Respondents views about Sales promotions:

4.3       Presentation of Data and Analysis

4.4       Key research findings:

4.5       Conclusion:

5        Chapter 5: Conclusion & Recommendation

5.1       Conclusion

5.2       Recommendation

5.3       Achieve Research Objectives:

5.4       Ethical Issues

5.5       Limitation & further research issues

6        Reference:

7        Appendices



List of Diagrams

Diagram 2: Analysis of sales promotions and its effects. 12

Diagram 3: Classification of research design. 16

Diagram 4: Proposed research model 18

Diagram 6: Research Questionnaire Respondents. 22

Diagram 7: Analysis of the Parameter 23

Diagram 8: Analysis of the questionnaire. 24

Discussion of questionnaires: 25

Diagram 9: Sales promotions encourage you to buy new product 27

Diagram 10: Reduction in Sales promotions reduce the brand image of the product 28

Diagram 11: Impact of Sales promotion son brand image. 29

Diagram 12: Sales promotions promotes the sales of airline ticket 30

Diagram 12: Sales promotions through coupon is best option for promote the sales. 31

Diagram 13: Sales promotions through discount is best option for promote the sales. 32

Diagram 14: Impact of successful factors on developing brand. 33

Diagram 15: Sales promotions affects the brand loyalty. 34

Diagram 16: Do you give importance in purchasing any product brand through sales promotions. 35