An Analysis on How the Technological Innovations Can be used as a Marketing Strategy: A case study on Johnson Matthey

CWA 500 Words, CWB 2500 Words.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction

1.2 Background of the Study

1.3 Rationale of the study

1.3 Research Aims

1.4 Research Objectives

1.5 Research Questions

1.6 Research Hypothesis

  1. Literature review

2.1 Technology

2.2 Technological Innovation

2.3 Marketing Strategy

2.4 Technological innovation leads to customer loyalty

2.4 Technological innovation leads to Brand loyalty

2.5 Technological innovation and product differentiation

2.6 Technological innovation efficient the value chain

2.7 Conceptual Framework

  1. Research Methodology

3.1 Type of Investigation

3.2 Data Collection Method

3.3 Sampling Method & Sample Size

3.4 Accessibility Issues

3.5 Ethical Issues

  1. Anticipated Findings
  2. Conclusions


Appendix A: Dissertation Structure

Appendix B: Research Time Frame




1. Introduction

Technological innovation  is the set of activities or one kind of process through which the organization bring efficiency in the use of technology. This basically leads to the improvement of the performance of the organization. The technological innovation also may define as the use of technology in new ways that improve performance and create new technology that gives the competitive advantages. For this reasons the technological innovation has become one of the most important marketing strategy in today’s business world. In the age of technology most of the marketing strategies of the business has become technology based. Technology has a great impact on the consumer buying behaviour, so technological innovation can change the consumer buying behaviour and make the customer loyal to product as well as the organization so cerates the customer and brand loyalty. Technological innovation also helps to bring the differentiation in the product, that product differentiation is one of the most important marketing strategies. Another most prominent marketing strategy is to become low cost leadership here also technology play important role to become the low cost leadership. So as one of the most leading British chemicals and sustainable companies Johnson Matthey need more technological innovation as a prominent marketing strategy.