An Analysis of the Impacts of Brand Awareness on Customer Purchase Decision in Electronic Industry: An Investigation on Brand Awareness of Samsung Electronics, UK

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Brand has become a most important factor in the present day’s electronics business as well as in every business. The electronics markets are also very competitive. There is a competition with each other in every time. So, most of the electronics companies try to increase its brand awareness. Brand awareness has become the most important issues for electronics companies. At present time electronics industries are increasing very rapidly. The competitions among them are also increasing very rapidly. So, brand awareness has become very essential for every electronics business organization. Sample size in this research is 100.

However, this research has been by data collection from the Samsung Electronics, UK. Samsung is famous brand in UK as well as in whole world. But as the present market are very competitive and the competitors of Samsung Electronics, UK are increasing rapidly and they also offer the customers very attractive services and quality products. So, more brand awareness has become necessary for Samsung Electronics for achieving positive customer behaviours.











Table of Contents

Supervisor’s Declaration

Student’s Declaration


1        Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Introduction

1.2       Background of the research

1.3       Rational of the Research

1.4       Research aim, objectives, questions and hypothesises

1.4.1        Research aim

1.4.2        Research objectives

1.4.3        Research questions

1.4.4        Research hypothesises

1.5       Structure of the research

2        Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1       Introduction

2.2       Brand awareness

2.2.1        The impact of brand awareness on the customers behaviours in the electronics industry

2.2.2        Brand awareness of Samsung Electronics, UK

2.3       Brand loyalty

2.4       Social engagement

2.5       Lead Generation

2.6       Customers behaviours

2.7       Relation between the customers behaviours and brand awareness

2.8       How brand awareness affects on the customers behaviour

2.9       Brand awareness increase selling of the products and profitability

2.10         Conceptual framework

3        Chapter 3: Research Design and Methodology

3.1       Introduction

3.2       Types of investigation

3.3       Research Philosophy

3.3.1        Justification for choosing research philosophy

3.4       Research Approach

3.4.1        Justification for choosing the research approach

3.5       Research Design

3.5.1        Justification for choosing the research deign

3.6       Research method

3.6.1        Justification for choosing the research methods

3.7       Techniques of data collection

3.8       Sampling method and size

3.8.1        Justification of choosing sampling method

3.9       Data analysis method

3.10         Accessibility issue

3.11         Ethical issues

3.12         Research limitations

4        Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Research Findings

4.1       Introduction

4.2       Online questionnaires

4.3       Regression analysis

4.4       Dept. management Interview

4.5       Key research findings:

4.6       Consequence from the above findings

4.7       Conclusion

5        Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1       Conclusion

5.2       Achieved research objectives

5.3       Recommendations

5.4       Limitations of the research

5.5       Further research issue

5.6       Ethical issues



Appendix 1: Online Questionnaires:

Appendix 2: Dept Management Interview


List of Figures


Figure 1: Structure of research, Source: Made by Author (2015) 13

Figure 2: Brand Awareness (key factors), Source: made by Author (2015) 15

Figure 3: Impact of brand awareness on the customers behaviors in the electronics industry, source: Made by Author, (2015). 16

Figure 4: Brand Loyalty and customers behaviors, Source: Made by Author (2015). 18

Figure 5: Brand awareness influences customer’s behavior, Source: Made by Author (2015). 20

Figure 6: Brand awareness increase sale and profits, Source: made by Author, (2015). 21

Figure 7: Conceptual framework of the study, source: made by the Author, (2015). 21

Figure 8: Research Philosophy, Source: Made by Author (2015). 23

Figure 9: research Approaches, Source: Singh, Y.K. & Bajpai, A.B. (2008) 24

Figure 10: Research design, Source: Made by Author (2015) 26

Figure 11: Research Methods Source: Made by Author (2015) 27

Figure 12: Process of data collection, Source: Made by Author (2015) 28

Figure 13: Analysis of the gender of the responders. 32

Figure 14: Age analysis of the responders. 33

Figure 15: Analysis of the responders are purchasing or not?. 35

Figure 16: Analysis on the brand loyalty issues. 36

Figure 17: Analysis of positive brand value and higher paying. 37

Figure 18: Analysis of the relationship between brand loyalty and brand awareness. 38

Figure 19: Impacts of brand awareness on customer’s behaviors. 39

Figure 20:: Relationship between brand awareness and marketing of the products. 40


List of tables

Table 1: Gender of the responders. 32

Table 2: Age of responders. 33

Table 3: Are you purchase from Samsung Electronics, UK?. 34

Table 4: When you buy from Samsung Electronics do you considered brand loyalty issues?. 35

Table 5: If the Samsung Electronics, UK have positive brand value whether you are ready to pay higher price?. 36

Table 6: Do you think there is any relationship between loyalty and brand awareness?. 37

Table 7: Do you think there is any impact of brand awareness on customer’s behaviours?. 38

Table 8: What kinds of relationship exist between brand awareness and marketing of the products?. 39