An analysis of the impact of empowerment on organisational productivity of retail industry: A case study on Walmart, UK

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction

1.1        Rationale of the Study

1.2        Research Aim and Objectives

1.3        Research Questions

  1. Literature Review

2.1        Empowerment

2.1.1         Empowerment increases Potential Workforce of Employee

2.1.2         Empowerment helps to Mitigate Customer Demand

2.1.3         Empowerment develops Psychological Perspectives of Employees

2.2        Organisational Productivity development through Employee Empowerment

2.2.1         Potential Business Growth

2.2.2         Customer Satisfaction

2.2.3         Develops Dynamic Business Features

2.3        Conceptual Framework

Figure 1: Conceptual Framework

  1. Research Methodology

3.1        Type of Investigation

3.2        Research Method

3.3        Research Strategy

3.4        Data Collection Techniques

3.4.1         Primary Data Collection

3.4.2         Secondary Data Collection

3.5        Sampling Technique

3.6        Data Analysis

3.7        Ethical Issues

3.8        Accessibility Issues

3.9        Limitation of the Study

3.10      Timetable

Figure 2: Gantt chart for Research Timetable

  1. Expected Outcome of the Study














1.    Introduction

Walmart is American multinational company that is founded in 1962 by Sam Walton and become one of the largest retail chain shops in the world. It is operating business in 27 countries where more than 11,000 stores are open for conducting retail business. Employee empowerment is important for business development of multinational companies (Greasley et al., 2005; Boudrias et al., 2009). Market dynamics and market trend changing view is threatening the business organisations to conduct successful business (Menon, 2001; Loughlin, 2006; Oeji et al., 2012). This process indicates to develop business process through increasing organisational productivity and that is most important at retail industry (Srivastava, Bartol and Locke, 2006; Boudrias et al., 2009). Therefore, Walmart is trying to improve employee engagement through empowering the employees to increase organisational productivity and sales performance.