An analysis of the impact of Customer Relationship Management in improving Online Sales: A Case Study of Asda Inc., UK

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This study is conducted on the impact of CRM on internet marketing of Asda incorporation. Although the Asda do many thing our research is just only on their internet marketing. To find out the impact of the CRM here should use the six aspect measurement. Where include efficiency, accessibility, convenience, privacy and security, design and content and fees and charges.  In this six aspect total 120 customer satisfaction label will be measured. Here the survey will conducted on the customer of the Asda incorporation’s internet marketing. The six aspect will be measured by cronbach’s alpha test. Here the research will be held on the customer mind, their opinion, their satisfaction, dissatisfaction and also with the many other thing that they think and expect from the retail company Asda incorporation. Here the research will be at first on the customer opinion. Then the data which collect from the research will be categorized and the next step will take on the basis of this data. The data then will be tasted by the cronbach’s alpha test by create six category of this data. Then all the result will be find out by the formula of alpha test. There will give all the research result on diagram form. Then the discussion on the diagram form will give. And at last there will give the findings and the suggestion for the Asda incorporation for their future business.













Table of Contents



Chapter 1

1 Introduction

1.1 Background of the study

1.2 Rationale of the Study:

1.3 Research aims

1.4 Research Objectives:

1.5 Key Research Questions:

Chapter 2

  1. Literature Review and Conceptual Framework

2.1 CRM

2.2 Definition and characteristics of CRM

2.3 Characteristics of internet marketing

2.4 Traditional marketing types

2.4.1 Online marketing

2.4.2 Offline marketing

2.4.3 Electronic media marketing

2.4.4 online-offline marketing

2.5 CRM at Online

2.6 Studious on impact of CRM on traditional marketing

2.6.1 Impact on offline marketing

2.6.2 Impact on electronic media marketing

2.6.3 Impact on offline and online marketing

2.7 CRM impacts on improving Online Sales

2.8 Studious on impact of CRM on internet marketing

2.9 factors determining in internet marketing

2.9.1 Accessibility

2.9.2 Convenience

2.9.3 Privacy

2.9.4 Security

2.9.5 Design

2.9.6 Fees and charges

2.10 Conceptual Framework

Figure 1: Conceptual Framework

2.11 summary of the literature review

Chapter 3

3 Research Design and Methodology

3.1 philosophy

3.1.1 Justification of research philosophy

3.2 research approach

3.2.1 Qualitative Approach

3.2.2        Quantitative Approach

3.2.3 Justification of research approach

3.3 Research purpose

3.4 research strategy

3.4.1 Justification of research strategy

3.5 Sampling

3.5.1 Population

3.5.2 Sample size

3.5.3 Sampling techniques

3.6 Data collection

3.6.1 Primary data Justification of primary data collection

3.6.2 Secondary Data Justification of secondary data collection

3.7 Data analysis

3.7.1 Cronbatch’s alpha test

3.8 Reliability and Validity of the study

3.8.1 Reliability

3.8.2 Validity

Chapter 4

4 Analysis and findings

4.1        Demographic Information of the Clients

4.1.1 Gender

4.1.2 Age group


4.1.4 Income

4.2        Cronbach’s Alpha Test of Reliability

4.3 Data analysis

4.3.1 Efficiency

4.3.2 Accessibility

4.3.3 Convenience

4.3.4 Privacy and security

4.3.5 Design and content

4.3.6 Fees and Charges

4.4 Discussion

Chapter 5

5 Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendation


Appendix 1

Appendix 2