An analysis of the impact of brand image on product availability: A case study on Virgin Cola, UK

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Brand image is an important factor in today’s competitive business world. Organizations try to create strong positive brand image to capture the market. Virgin Cola Company is cola producing company in the UK market. In its inception it was able to create a good brand image and built a strong positive brand image. This positive brand image helped Virgin Company to get some extra benefits than others competitor. It also increased the demand of Virgin Cola. Within few years from its inception it was able to expand its business outside UK. Later the demand for Virgin Cola in UK gradually decreased. Eventually company closed its business in UK market. This research is mainly on brand image and product availability that means impact of brand image on product availability: a case study on Virgin Cola. So brand image on product availability is very much influential in cola producing industry.

This research is collected data from 200 Virgin Cola customers and collets secondary data from different sources that make a significant outcome on brand image and product availability. The researcher uses proper tools and techniques for collecting and analyzing data. This research is conducted followed by a structural way to make the research reliable and valid. For ensuring the correctness of the research, researcher justifies all the methods.

Table of Contents




1        Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1       Background of the Study

1.2       Rationale of the Study

1.3       Research Aim, Objectives, Question and Hypothesis

1.3.1        Research Aim

1.3.2        Research Objectives

1.3.3        Research Questions

2        Chapter 2: Literature Review

2.1       Brand Image

2.2       Brand Image Development

2.3       Product Availability

2.4       Business Benefits

2.5       Brand image Factors for Virgin Cola

2.6       How Brand Image affects the Product Availability

2.7       Conceptual Model

3        Chapter 3: Research Design and Methodology

3.1       Introduction

3.2       Type of investigation

3.3       Research Philosophy

3.3.1        Justification of Research Philosophy

3.4       Research Approach

3.4.1        Justification of Research Approach

3.5       Research Design

3.5.1        Justification of Research Design

3.6       Research method

3.6.1        Justification of Research method

3.7       Research Strategy

3.7.1        Justification Research Strategy

3.8       Data Collection Method

3.8.1        Primary data collection

3.8.2        Secondary Data collection

3.9       Sampling Method

3.9.1        Justification of Choosing sampling method

3.10         Accessible Issues

3.11         Ethical Issues

3.12         Data Analysis and Presentation

3.13         Research Limitation

4        Chapter 4: Data Analysis and Research Findings

4.1       Introduction

4.2       Analysis of Questionnaire Data

4.2.1        Respondents’ Demographic Information

4.3       Brand Image Activities and Product Availability

4.4       Department Managerial Interview

4.5       Regression analysis the impact of brand image on product availability of Virgin Cola

5        Chapter 5: Conclusion & Recommendation

5.1       Conclusion

5.2       Objective Based Findings

5.3       Recommendation

5.4       Limitation of the Research

5.5       Further Research Issue



Appendix 1: Blank Online Questionnaires:

Appendix 2: Department Management Interview



















List of Figure

Figure 1: Brand image Conceptual Model 21

Figure 2: Saunders ‘Onion Diagram’. 23

Figure 3: Research Approach. 25

Figure 4: Research Design method. 26

Figure 5: Research Method. 27

Figure 6: Analysis gender of the respondents. 34

Figure 7: Analysis age of the responders. 35

Figure 8: occupation of the respondents. 36

Figure 9: Respondents purchase virgin cola. 37

Figure 10: Considering the brand image in purchasing. 38

Figure 11: Brand Image and purchasing decision. 39

Figure 12: Strong positive brand image and customers demand. 40

Figure 13: Strong positive brand image demand higher production. 42

Figure 14: brand image and product availability. 43

Figure 15: Customer satisfaction and brand image. 44

Figure 16: Considering issues is to create positive brand image for Virgin Cola. 45

List of Table

Table 1: Difference between Quantitative and qualitative Research Method. 28

Table 2: Strategies of the Research. 29

Table 3: Gender of the Respondent 34

Table 4: Age of the responders. 35

Table 5: occupation of the respondents. 36

Table 6: Do you purchase virgin cola?. 37

Table 7: Are you considering the brand image in purchasing?. 38

Table 8: Is Brand Image affects customers purchasing decision?. 39

Table 9: Is Strong positive brand image increase the customers demand?. 40

Table 10: Is Strong positive brand image demand higher production?. 41

Table 11: Does brand image affect product availability?. 42

Table 12: Does customer satisfaction enhance brand image?. 43

Table 13: What are considering issues is to create positive brand image for Virgin Cola?. 44

Table 14: Coefficients. 47

Table 15: ANOVA.. 48