An analysis of the effectiveness of mobile advertising on influencing consumer’s purchasing decision making in retail industry; a case study of Zara, UK

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The world of marketing is becoming competitive day by day. No matter how demandable product a company dealing or how large the market of a product is, the success of any organization depends on the effectiveness of its marketing strategy (Rosenbloom, 1976). It has become very important for every company to take a marketing strategy which can uphold the uniqueness of the company. In the marketing strategy the first thing that directly relate to the consumers is the marketing mix (Danton de Rouffignac, 1990). Because this is the tool combining four elements of marketing (product, price, promotion and place), which attracts the customers directly. Whenever a customer goes for purchase decision he compares between the quality that can get from a product and the amount of money along with efforts need to be paid to get the product (Gronroos, 1994).  If the deviation is positively high, only then a customer agrees for the purchase decision. Hence, market mix is the most important weapon to hold a strong position in the target market. This research is to investigate the impact of the marketing mix on customers’ buying decisions in the context of ZARA. This research was conducted based on the exploratory research and inductive approach. As the research objectives required quantitative data the researcher took the quantitative research method. The researcher collected primary data conducting questionnaire survey among the selected customers. This research found that a large number of the customers have positive perception towards the marketing mix components of ZARA. the findings and analysis of this study proven that marketing mix positively influences the decision making of customers. It is found that customers are more concerned with the quality rather than price. However, low price and discount attract customer buy more. Convenient store location, distribution channel and online trading are essential for giving customers positive buying experience. This research also found that direct selling and celebrity endorsement are most influencing in attracting customers thereby core parts of the promotional strategy of the retailers. Hence, ZARA should incorporate the essential elements of the 4Ps or marketing mix to create more positive feelings among the customers thereby to influence their decision making.



Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 Rationale of the Study

1.3 Research Aim

1.4 Research Objectives

1.5 Research Questions

1.6 Outline of the Research

Chapter 2: Lecturer Review

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Marketing Mix

2.3 The Four P’s of the Marketing Mix

2.3.1 Product Core Marketing Concepts Brands

2.3.2 Place Retailers Wholesalers Marketing Intermediaries Inventory Management

2.3.3 Promotion Marketing Communications Mix

2.3.4 Price Pricing Strategies Price and Quality

2.4 Consumer Decision making

2.4.1 Problem recognition

2.4.2 Information search

2.4.3 Evaluation of alternatives

2.4.4 Product Choice

2.4.5 Purchase decision

2.5 Impact of marketing mix on customer decision making

2.6 Conceptual framework

2.7 Summary

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Research Philosophy

3.2.1 Positivism

3.2.2 Realism

3.2.3 Interpretivism

3.3 Type of Investigation

3.4 Research Approach

3.5 Research Method

3.6 Research Strategies

3.7 Data Collection Methods

3.7.1. Secondary data collection

3.7.2 Primary data collection- Questionnaire survey

3.8 Sampling Method

3.9 Data Analysis Tools

3.10 Validity and Reliability

3.11 Ethical Issues

3.12 Limitation of the Research

3.13 Conclusion

Chapter 4: Findings, Analysis & Discussion

4.1 Introduction

4.2 Findings and Analysis

4.2.1 Demographic information

4.2.2 Customers buying pattern and reasons at ZARA

4.2.3 Customers’ perception towards the marketing mix of ZARA Customers’ perception towards the products of ZARA Customers’ Perception towards the distribution place of ZARA Customers’ perception towards the prices at ZARA Customers’ Perception towards the promotion of ZARA

4.2.4 Responses on impact of marketing mix on customer decision making

4.4 Analysis of Descriptive Statistics of the findings

4.5 Regression Analysis and Hypothesis Testing

4.6 Discussion of the Result

4.6.1 Customers’ Perception towards the marketing mix of ZARA Product Perception Place Perception Price Perception Promotion Perception

4.6.2 The impact of marketing mix on customer decision making

Chapter 5: Conclusion & Recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendations

5.4 Limitation and suggestions for future research


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