An analysis of the effectiveness of marketing communications in improving brand loyalty of a company: A case study of Unilever UK

CWA 500 Words, CWB 2500 Words.

Table of Contents




What is the research issue?

Why is it an issue?

Why is it an issue now?

What could this research shed light on?



Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1        Rationale of the study

1.2        Research Aim

1.3        Research Objective

1.4        Research Questions

1.5        Research Hypothesis

2       Literature Review

2.1        Marketing Communication

2.2        Making Effective Communication

2.3        Integrated Marketing Communication Process

2.4        Brand awareness

2.5        Consumer brand loyalty

2.6        Brand value of Unilever

2.7        Loyal customers of Unilever

2.8        Practical examples

2.9        Ways of increasing brand awareness

2.10     Conceptual framework

2.11     Summary of the literature review

3       Research Design and Methodology

3.1        Type of investigation

3.2        Data collection method

3.3        Sampling method

3.4        Accessibility issues

3.5        Ethical issues

3.6        Data analysis plan

3.7        Research limitations

4       Conclusion

5       Timetable

6       References



1        Introduction

Unilever has a vast portfolio which ranges from nutritious food, affordable products, luxuries and even household products. They are not only a business organisation but also provide a lot to the society and the general mass. At the heart of the business their purpose is to make sustainable living a common place. Companies are increasingly realising that they can play and along with many others, Unilever has also signed up to the “Blueprint for Better Business initiative”, which helps business to develop their purpose and embed it within the organisation.

Companies now a days are more concerned about the brand loyalty of their consumer. Creating brand loyalty is not an easy task. One of the big tool of creating brand loyalty is the marketing communication process (Hawkins, Coney and Best, 1980). The marketing communication are used to communicate ultimate consumer value and to create brand loyalty of people. The study is to find out how effective marketing communication process can create brand loyalty among the consumers.

The researcher has chosen this issue particularly that how brand awareness and image can pursue customers to be loyal to a particular brand of product, how it can compel the customers to rely and believe that only that particular product is the best for him or her. The point is that if the company can create a difference in the brand awareness of the consumer by communicating them through different marketing strategies. This research will try to relate the customer psychology and behaviour with the brand awareness of Unilever. The research paper will show that brand awareness has significant role in the customer behaviour. This research will provide insight to the target customer psychology regarding the importance of the brand awareness.