An Analysis of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Internet Marketing on customer satisfaction: A Case Study of Asda Inc., UK

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The purpose behind this examination is to learn the Customer Relationship Management in internet marketing of the UK driving retailers and ASDA has been picked as the sample study case. By locating out a showcasing arrangement, the organization can augment its benefit by mostly concentrating on online marketing of its item blend for its clients. The target of this exploration were to figure out the part that CRM play in upgrading the development of the firm‘s CRM and meanwhile how this can remunerate the organization by providing for it an rim on its rivals.


In this research quantitative research (by questionnaire) and qualitative research (by interview) are utilized with the sample of 160 customers and 20employees responses. From these interviews, it was discovered that the organization assigned the entire fundamental in order of spending plan to the advertising office which needs to place a powerful solid CRM as they are mindful of its internet marketing. In any case, there was still a need in the procedure place by ASDA as its clients are not mindful of several administration, advantage and item accessible in online because of a wasteful correspondence technique. By utilizing a regression analysis as well, the theory CRM in internet marketing of the organization has additionally been demonstrated right.















Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction


1.1 Background of the Study:

1.2 Rationale for the study

1.3 Aim and Objectives of the Study

1.4 Research Questions

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Literature Review

2.1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

2.2 Internet Marketing

2.3 Comparison of Internet marketing and Traditional marketing

2.4 Impact of Customer Relationship Management

2.6 Conceptual Framework of the Study

Chapter 3: Research Design and Methodology


3.1        Research philosophy

3.1.1 Justification of research philosophy

3.2        Research approach

3.2.1 Qualitative approach

3.2.3        Justification of research approach

3.3        Research strategy

3.3.1 Justification of research strategy

3.4        Data collection method

3.4.1 Secondary data collection Justification of secondary data collection

3.4.2 Primary data collection Justification of primary data collection

3.5        Research Design

3.5.2         Justification of Research Design

3.6        Data analysis method

3.5 Population and Sampling

Chapter 4: Results, Analysis and Discussion

Data collection analysis

Analysis consistency

Consequences from survey

Interview findings

Chapter 5: Conclusions and Recommendation



Limitations and future research




































List of Tables


Table-1 Age Allocation Statistics 27
Table-2 Ethnic Distribution


Table-3 Income Information


Table-4 Customers Fulfillment Stage


Table-5 ASDA’s CRM in Internet Marketing on Customers View


Table-6 Quality of CRM in Internet Marketing


Table-7 Items Type Purchased


























List of Figures


Figure 1 Conceptual Framework of the Study 15
Figure 2 Age Allocation Statistics 27
Figure 3 Ethnic Distribution 28
Figure 4 Income Information 29
Figure 5 Customers Fulfillment Stage 31
Figure 6 ASDA’s CRM in Internet Marketing on Customers View 32
Figure 7 Quality of CRM in Internet Marketing 34
Figure 8 Items Type Purchased 35