A study on the importance of effective marketing to increase the market share of the brand in UK rice market: A case study of Naz foods, UK.

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This research undertook the issue of determining the framework associated with the organization framing the outcome on the basis of a defined set of objectives. The impacts of marketing have always been prominent for the business operation and to define the respective articulation for the strategies these can stimulate the understanding and application of the research based approaches for the operations. However, there are several perspectives for developing marketing strategies but when it comes to the aspects of increasing the market share it is important for the projection of data and analysis that can encompass the processes for the business.

With the reflective aims of the research these has identified and explore the key areas and key functions through which the market share is being affected by the marketing strategies. The direct relationship has been perceived with the practical explanation and applications. To conduct the detailed understanding and application of the research that facilitates the understanding and application these need to be evaluated and implemented by undertaking the key issues aligned with the strategies. According to the given set of objectives that relies on the prospective has been undertaken with the survey data and their strategies for the operational practices aligned and attached with the strategic objectives. The researcher will chose the data form total 51 respondent from the employee and customers of the company.

From the analysis, it was found that there is a significant relationship between the strategies and their ways of approving the organizational framework associated with the operations. And to rationalize the understanding and application these can relate and implement the strategic outline and implementation for the research based approach and integration with the application on the context of given organization and their framework that are associated with the objectives of the research and also with the business organization that can simulate better understanding and implementation for the strategic progresses associated with the organization.

Table of Contents


Chapter: One


1.1 Background of the Study

1.2 Rationale of the Study

1.3 Research Aim

1.4 Research Objectives

1.5 Research Questions

1.6 Research Hypothesis

1.7 Significance of the Research

1.8 Structure of the Research

1.9 Chapter Summary

Chapter: Two

Literary Reviews

2.1 Introduction

2.2 Identifying literature on the existing strategies of marketing

2.2.1 Existing Strategic Marketing of Naz Food that are contributing to its operations

2.2.2 Strategic Utilization for the Marketing Mix in Naz Food

2.3 Understanding Effective Marketing Strategies that can enrich the market share of Naz Food

2.3.1 Advertisement for the organization and their impact on the market share

2.3,2 Ways of determining the influence for the increase in Market share

2.4 Impact of the Marketing Strategies as a psychological factors for influencing consumer behaviour that can increase the market share

2.5 Relationship and application of marketing strategies for shaping the marketing share for Naz Food

2.5.1 Interrelationship between Marketing Models and Consumers behaviour

2.5.2 Determining the Market Share of the Naz Food and their approaches towards the improvement

2.6 Developing a conceptual Framework and recommending Naz Food to improvise better strategies for effective outcome

  1. 7 Chapter Summary

Chapter: Three

Research Design and Methodology

3.1 Research Philosophy

3.2 Types of Investigation

3.3 Research Methods

3.4 Data Collection method

3.5 Sampling and Sampling Method

3.6 Data Analysis:

3.7 Reliability and Validity:

3.8 Ethical Consideration:

3.9 Chapter Summary

Chapter: Four

Result Analysis and Discussion

4.1 Analysis of the Data

4.1.1 Analysing the influential aspects of the marketing strategies that are adapted by Naz Foods

4.1.2 Analysing the identification and application of the marketing strategies in terms of increasing the marketing share

4.1.3 Impact of Marketing strategies and relationship with strategies in Market Share increase

4.1.4 Determining the conceptual framework and Suggestive approach for the study

4.2 Regression Analysis and Hypothesis

4.2 Discussion

4.2.1 Discussion on the existing strategies of marketing carried out by Naz Foods

4.2.2 Discussion on the projected application of the factors associated with the market share increase

4.2.3 Discussion on the impact and analysis that is associated with the process of increasing market share through marketing strategies

4.3 Chapter Summary

Chapter: Five

Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1 Recommendations

5.2 Future Research Scope

5.3 Conclusion