A study on critically analyzing the impact of online shopping on overall company performance: A case study on J Sainsbury PLC

CWA 500 Words, CWB 2500 Words.

Table of Contents

1.1 Rationale of this Study

1.2 Research Aims

1.3 Research objectives

1.4 Research Question

Literature Review
2.1 Online Shopping Service

2.3 Business Benefits

2.4 Operational Management Benefits

2.5 Online shopping service that stimulates business growth

2.6 Disadvantages of Online Shopping Service

2.7 Marketing contribution to High Turnover

2.8 Market share value of Sainsbury

2.9       Conceptual framework

2.10         Research Hypothesis

Research Design and Methodology
3.1 Type of Investigation

3.2 Data Collection Method

3.3 Sampling Method

3.4 Accessibility Issues

3.5 Ethical Issues

3.6 Data Analysis Plan

3.7 Research Limitations



1.   Introduction

The business world is rapidly changing due to the technological advancements in recent years. Online shopping system has brought a radical change in business growth. Companies are now able to sell their products to consumers online and it is more convenient for consumers who are busy about their work and can’t find time to go shop to buy. Usually, people go to company’s website and search their desired product and then they make orders to purchase if they find products are available. This online shopping system put major impact on company’s total sales and it is increasing day by day because it is very convenient and time saving.

Online shopping plays a major role in increasing company’s total sales. Companies can provide greater service to their potential customers through online shopping system.  Online shopping also help companies to operate their business at low cost and great efficiency. The reason to identify as an issue is that whether online shopping system has been able to put an impact on retail business. This research will discuss about the impact of online shopping on total sales and business growth of J Sainsbury PLC. This research will focus on online shopping has a great impact on J Sainsbury PLC. Technological advancement has made retail industry more competitive and giving opportunity to expand their operation. This research will shed light on the impact of online shopping on J Sainsbury PLC. This research will also show how online shopping is playing role in increasing Sainsbury’s market share and total business growth and building good customer relationship by direct communication.

This research will discuss about the impact of online shopping on J Sainsbury PLC, second largest food and grocery retailer in UK. J Sainsbury PLC was emerged in 1869 and today, it has 1200 supermarkets and stores (DASH, 2011). In 1999, it was launched its first online grocery shopping system and now, it delivers its products over 1, 90,000 customers in per week and its impact in total sales is over 16% per year (DONALD R. COOPER, 2008).