A study of the impact of Employee Motivation for Customer Satisfaction in petroleum industry A case study on Dana petroleum Limited

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Business world is evolving day by day due to ever-growing challenge from competitors. Sustaining in this competitive market is not easy as any company may fall behind if it cannot meet customers’ expectation. Customer satisfaction is becoming so crucial that, every organization is giving high priority on it. Customer satisfaction comes only when a company can exceed customer’s expectation with its quality of product and service. Employees are directly involved with customers. Their performance may influence customers’ perception on the company as well. So, it can be said that, employee motivation might have some impact on customer satisfaction.

In this research, researcher will identify if there is any linkage between employee motivation and customer satisfaction in Dana Petroleum Limited. For that purpose, a sample size of 80 will be used. Respondents will include customers, employees and management officials of Dana petroleum. Proper research methodology will be adopted to give reliable conclusion of the study.

In the first chapter of the research, introductory discussion on the research topic will be taken place. Background of the company and rationale behind performing the research will be discussed. Then research objectives will be set and questions will be developed. Hypothesis of the research will also be identified in this chapter. In the second chapter, researcher will shed light on literature review of research topic and will relate them with the company. Then in chapter three, research methodology will be systematically disclosed. Justification of research methodology will be made emphasising on its arguments.

Chapter four will have two parts- result and discussion. In this chapter, researcher will analyse survey result and interpret it. Finally, conclusion will be drawn on the research problem. Researcher will give some recommendations based on the research findings.



Table of Contents

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Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1 Background of the Research

1.2 Company Profile: Dana Petroleum

1.3 Rationale of this research

1.4 Problem Statement

1.5 Research Aims

1.6 Research Aims and Objectives

1.7 Research Questions

1.8 Research hypothesis

1.9 Conclusion

  1. Literature Review

2.1 Employee Motivation:

2.2 Factor to Encourage Motivation:

2.3 Proper remuneration:

2.4. Job security:

2.5 Reward package:

2.6 Workplace safety:

2.7 Lifelong profession and professional career development:

2.8 Help with professional problem:

2.9 Training and development:

2.10 Customer Service

2.11 Customer satisfaction:

2.12 Customer satisfaction through employee motivation:

2.13 Conceptual framework:

2.13 Conclusion:

Chapter 3: Research Methodology

3.1 Introduction:

3.2 Research Approach:

Justification of Research Approach

3.3 Research method:

Justification of Research Method

3.4 Research philosophy and strategy:

Justification of Research Strategy

3.5 Research and data collection method:

Justification of Data Collection

3.6 Sampling method:

Justification of Sampling Technique

3.7 Research design:

3.8Accessibility Issues:

3.9 Ethical Issues:

3.10 Data analysis plan:

3.11 Research Limitations:

3.12 Conclusion:

Chapter 4: Result and Discussion

4.1 Result

4.1.1 Demographic Characteristics of the Correspondents

4.1.2 Employee Motivation

4.1.3 Customer Satisfaction

4.1.4 Correlation Analysis

4.1.5 Regression Analysis

4.2 Discussion

Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendations

5.3 Scope for Future Research



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