A Study of the Impact of Employee Motivation for Customer Satisfaction in Petroleum Industry: A Case Study on Dana Petroleum Limited, UK

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents


  1. Introduction

1.1        Rationale of the Study

1.2        Research Aim and Objectives

1.3        Research Questions

  1. Literature Review

2.1        Employee Motivation

2.2        Factors of Employee Motivation

2.2.1         Proper Remuneration

2.2.2         Job Security

2.2.3         Reward Package

2.2.4         Workplace Safety

2.2.5         Lifelong Personal and Professional Career Development

2.2.6         Cooperative Stakeholders

2.2.7         Help with Personal Problems

2.2.8         Training and Development

2.3        Customer Satisfaction

2.4        Customer Satisfaction through Employee Motivation

2.5        Conceptual Framework

Figure 1: Conceptual Framework

  1. Research Methodology

3.1        Research Philosophy

3.2        Research Approach

3.3        Type of Investigation

3.4        Research Method

3.5        Research Strategy

3.6        Data Collection Techniques

3.6.1         Secondary Data Collection

3.6.2         Primary Data Collection

3.7        Sampling Technique

3.8        Data Analysis

3.9        Accessibility Issues

3.10      Ethical Consideration

3.11      Limitation of the Study

3.12      Gantt Chart of Timetable

Figure 2: Gantt chart

  1. Expected Outcome








1.    Introduction

Modern business organisations are working for providing extra benefits to customers for gaining customer satisfaction and retention to ensure business sustainability (Bjerke, Ind and de Paoli, 2007; Fatima and Razzaqye, 2013). Customer satisfaction indicates to provide high quality products and effective customer service that can turn them as loyal customer of a brand (Prenshaw, Kovar and Burke, 2006). Employee activities and performances are important for ensuring high product quality and to provide typical customer service (Warr, 2007; Ankli and Palliam, 2012).