A study of the impact of employee motivation for customer satisfaction: A case study on Nedbbank Private Wealth Limited, UK.

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Table of Contents




What is the research issue?

Why is it an issue?

Why is it an issue now?

What could this research shed light on?






Table of Contents


Research aims

Research objectives

Research questions

Literature review

Employee motivation and customer satisfaction

Employee motivation improves firm’s performance

Employee motivation and customer loyalty

Customer satisfaction and positive word of the mouth

Conceptual framework

Summary of the literature review

Research hypothesis

Research methodology

Type of investigation

Research philosophy

Research approach

Research strategy

Data collection method

Primary data

Secondary data

Sampling method

Accessibility issue

Ethical issue

Data processing and analysis tool

Limitation of the research








Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of any organization. Customer satisfaction is ensured by providing services that exceed customer expectation. And the people who render service to the customers are the employees of the organization. So quality of customer satisfaction depends a lot on the motivation level of the employees. Employee motivation refers to the extent of happiness of the employees with their organization. If employees are happy regarding the work environment, finical and other non-financial benefits they will be satisfied with their organization which eventually contribute to the motivation level. A motivated employee is more productive and can offer the services in an efficient manner. Therefore they are more likely to provide quality services to the customers which in turn will ensure their satisfaction with the company. This research paper will try to determine how motivated employee can contribute to the satisfaction level of the customers of   Nedbbank Private Wealth Limited.

Satisfied customers are the biggest advertising for any organization. Happy customers should be considered the biggest asset for any company. They help to grow business as well as to sustain current business profitably. Customers will be happy if the service that they receive is offered to them in an efficient and timely manner. Realizing this fact the company management has decided to redesign its compensation package and other employment factors that can impact employee’s motivation. This research will try to determine the relationship between employee motivation and customer satisfaction with the company.

The findings of this research will help the Nedbank Private Wealth Limited management to realize the implication of internet employee motivation and retaining customer loyalty. Furthermore, the findings can enable the company management to earn valuable insights into the matters relating to customer loyalty. The outcomes can also help other companies facing the same problem as Nedbank Private Wealth Limited. Moreover the research topic is of personal favourite of the researcher. The research can also add valuable information to the research sector related to this area.

Research aims

Any research is conducted with certain aims to attain. The primary aim of this research paper is to help Nedbank Private Wealth Limited management assess the relationship between employee motivation and customer satisfaction. This research will try to clarify how a positive relation exists between customer satisfaction and employee motivation. It will enable them to understand the place of employee motivation in ensuring customer satisfaction and its subsequent effects in earning customer loyalty. To fulfil the aim of this research papers following objectives have been set: