A critical analysis of the impacts of online service failure and its recovery solution on the buying behaviour of customers in restaurant industry: A case study of Domino’s Pizza

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction

1.1        Rationale of the study

1.2        Research aim and objective:

1.3        Research questions:

2       Literature review

2.1        Online service in food industry

2.2        Online ordering service

2.3        Service Recovery

2.4        Marketing channel:

2.5        Customer value:

2.6        Conceptual framework:

3       Research design and methodology

3.1        Research philosophy and research approach:

3.2        Types of Investigation

3.3        Sampling method:

3.4        Data collection:

3.5        Plan of data analysis:

3.6        Accessibility issue:

3.7        Limitation of research:

4       Timetable

5       Conclusion



1        Introduction

Taking the help of the technological development the world is now experiencing the revolutionary changes in the field of the fast food chain.in today’s globalized world the biggest channel for introducing the product is the online. Because of the escalating of the users of the internet the world’s largest and most successful organization has chosen online platform for the promotion of their product. However the import of the online is unavoidable in the field of restaurant industry in grabbing the expected position as well as to manage the huge amount of customer.