A Critical Analysis of the Effect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to Improve Customer Loyalty in Computer Industry: A Case Study on Intel

Harvard, 2500 Words

Table of Contents

1       Introduction:

1.1       Rationale of the Study:

1.2       Research Aim and Objective:

1.3       Research Questions:

2       Literature Review:

2.1       Customer Relationship Management Perspective:

2.2       The importance of Customer Relationship Management:

2.3       Customer loyalty:

2.4       How CRM effects on improving customers’ loyalty:

2.5       Customer Value:

2.6       Conceptual Framework:

3       Research Design and Methodology:

3.1       Research Philosophy:

3.2       Types of Investigation:

3.3       Data Collection:

3.4       Sampling and Accessibility:

3.5       Data Analysis Plan:

3.6       Limitation of the Research:

4       Conclusion:

5       Reference:





1        Introduction:

A process and system that is use by a company to manage its relationship with customers and manage service and sell and develop customer satisfaction is called customer relationship management. Customer relationship management is a most important part of successful company. Most of the companies are trying to manage customer relationship with a decent way and want to create customers’ satisfaction (Armstrong & Kotler, 2003). Indirectly this process creates customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. By this way, successful companies in computer industry like Intel are very much concerned about customer relationship management. Intel manages an excellent relationship management with customers for providing improved service and product.

However, Intel is an American multinational company that is world’s largest chip maker provides its products worldwide. As a multinational company, it has great reputation and goodwill among the customers. As growing competition worldwide, Intel has been concentrating on customer relationship management for getting more popular among the customers. Customer relationship management basically refers to the management of relationship of customers by providing ideas, product and service, sell to them, and develop product and providing post purchase maintenance service (Armstrong & Kotler, 2003). As getting popularity of computer products day by day, competitive market is growing more competitive and the company needs to focus on customers’ satisfaction and loyalty as well. Now, customer loyalty is a great issue for any computer company like Intel. Intel focuses on its customer relationship management for increasing customer loyalty (Buttle, 2009). Moreover, customers’ satisfaction and loyalty depend on effective customer relationship management. However, in this research paper, the researchers will analysis the effects of customer relationship management on Intel’s customers’ loyalty.