A critical analysis of how important online marketing and its impact on consumer buying decision making process- a case study of Tesco superstore, UK

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This research study is conducted in order to introduce online marketing activities and also analyzes the effects of online marketing activities customers’ buying decision. Here, also mentioned the online marketing services of Tesco Superstores in UK. Many models are established on service quality measurement but in this study I mentioned a novel model of service quality which includes six dimensions. There are 27 dimensions that are estimated under the six dimensions service quality. This study operates a survey on the consumers of Tesco Superstores’ online marketing services. To conduct this survey, I take 120 customers as sample. The model of service quality which validity is estimated by Cronbach’s Alpha Test. It is noticed that the customers’ response regarding the online marketing activities of Tesco is satisfactorily. Customers get the expected services and products via online marketing activities. But there are also some problems relating service quality measurement and this creates the origin of customers’ dissatisfaction. The limitation of transactions amount is one of the reasons of customers’ dissatisfaction because the transaction limit is very low for each day. Tesco has not good site of accessibility. Tesco has also problems regarding its websites and webpages. Most of the time customers do not access the websites for available information and knowledge about products and services. From this research study, it is found that the online marketing activities of Tesco is not superior and so it should take some initiatives to enhance the online marketing services in the world of business. Marketing is very important aspect of business so business should sharp look towards new opportunities and benefits. Online marketing opens a modernized and technology based services in all sectors of marketing.  The main purpose of the service quality services of Tesco is to observe the customers’ opinion regarding service quality measurement about online marketing services. Tesco offers a level of service quality at the initial stage of its operation and try to continue throughout its life time.






Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1 Introduction:

1.1 Background of the study:

1.2 Rational for the study:

1.3Research Aim, Objective and Question:

1.3.1 Research Aim:

1.3.2Research Objectives:

1.3.3 Research Question:

1.3.4 Research Hypothesis:

  1. Literature Review:

2.1: Definition and Characteristics of Online marketing:

2.2 Online marketing strategy By Tesco:

2.3 Customers purchase Decision:

2.4 Online Customer Decision Making Process:

2.5 Motivations that lead consumer to buy online:

2.6 Online Marketing Quality:

2.6.1 Definition and Importance of E- marketing Quality:

2.6.2 Studies on Online Marketing Quality:

2.7 Online Marketing Service Quality:

2.7.1 Factors Determining Online Marketing Service Quality:

3 Research Methodology:

3.1 Types of Investigation:

3.2 Data Collection Method:

3.2.1 Justification of data collection method:

3.3 Sampling Method:

3.3.1 Justification of Sampling Method:

3.4 Theoretical Model Used:

3.5Accessibility Issues:

3.6Ethical Issues:

3.7 Anticipated Findings

3.8 Reliability and Validity of the Study:

3.8.1 Reliability:

3.8.2 Validity:

3.8.3 Randomization:

3.8.4 Sample Size:

3.9 Research strategy:

3.9.1 Justification of Research Strategy:

4 Analysis and Findings:

4.1.1 Gender

4.1.2 Age Group:

4.1.3 Education:

4.1.4 Income:

4.2 Cronbach’s Alpha Test of Reliability:

4.3 Data Analysis:

4.3.1 Efficiency:

4.3.2 Accessibility:

4.3.3 Convenience:

4.3.4 Privacy and Security:

4.3.5 Design and content:

4.3.6 Fees and Charges:

6 Conclusion and Recommendation:

6.1 Conclusion:

6.2 Recommendation:

5.1 References: